By Roxanne Reid. When we arrived to stay at The Earthy Inn in Greyton in the Overberg, an African hoopoe was bobbing around on the lawn looking for an afternoon snack. He cocked his head [...]

Celebrating Rwanda’s Akagera National Park

My fascination with the Akagera National Park goes back to the years that I spent living in Tanzania. For one thing, I could never quite envisage a savannah park in [...]

Travel: Discovering the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta comprises more than 15,000 km² of watery paradise – a lush wilderness of papyrus, impenetrable reed beds, grassy floodplains, tree-covered islands and a complex network of water [...]

Top 100 things to do in Kenya

If you want an adventure packed experience, then you have every reason to visit Kenya. With an unmatched wealth of game and over forty different cultures, Kenya will spoil you [...]

Lens Recommendations For The Kgalagadi

The Kgalagadi is one of Africa’s most unique safari destinations. The conditions here are very arid & during the dry season are absolutely brutal towards the animals who all trek [...]

Opinion: Worth more alive

An opinion piece on the questionable role of trophy hunting in conservation.

Preparing for the next eclipse: 6 products for the best experience

Image by Gerrit Vermeulen (via It’s a rare and beautiful sight to see the sun blotted out by our tiny moon, but it is never more beautiful than witnessing [...]

Guest Blog: Botswana Wilderness Safari, A Safari with a Twist

My journey to wild Okavango Delta with Wild Eye and Wilderness Safaris started the same way as any other Photographic Safaris, Maun was slow and the wait was long with [...]

Expedition survives Somalia in another world-first

Kingsley Holgate expedition team successfully reached the most easterly point of the African continent.

10 things to do at Mara Plains Camp in the Maasai Mara

​By Roxanne Reid. Lions, leopards and cheetahs. The wildebeest migration. Hippos and crocs in the rivers. Open plains dotted with trees and termite mounds. It’s everyone’s dream to experience a [...]

Guest Gallery: Sabi Sabi Bolt On Safari

It should come as no surprise that the focus on any Wild Eye safari is our guests, their photography and their experiences, and the recent Sabi Sabi Bolt On Safari [...]

Safari tips: 10 points about wild animals

Here are 10 important pieces of information to keep in mind about wild animals when on safari in Africa.

Collaring and monitoring wild dogs in Mana Pools

The perfect opportunity to dart and collar an alpha wild dog in Mana Pools arises for the Bushlife Safaris team.

100 Amazing Images from the Mara: The 2017 Guest Edition

We are truly proud of the product that we have been able to create in Kenya and believe that our authentic mobile camp, the location we have right on the [...]

Lens Recommendations For the Okavango Delta

The Okavanago Delta is a photographers paradise and the range of lenses I would recommend when travelling here are about as diverse as the photographic opportunities and region itself. Nonetheless, knowing [...]

Instagram cracks down on wildlife ‘selfies’

TRAFFIC has teamed up with online social media firm Instagram and WWF to raise awareness about the illegal trade of endangered animals online and inappropriate wildlife ‘selfies’.

Radial Filter Tutorial – Londolozi TV
Why to visit Genadendal Moravian mission village

By Roxanne Reid. When you take the turnoff from the N2 onto the R406 near Caledon in the Western Cape, chances are you’re on your way to the peaceful little [...]

How to plan for gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest Uganda

Home to more than half of the total mountain gorilla population, Bwindi forest is one of the best places for mountain gorilla tracking in the jungle. Situated southwestern Uganda, Bwindi [...]

Guest Blog: An aerial perspective of the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta, one of the most incredible wilderness sanctuaries in Africa, 15000 square kilometers of water, channels and islands. During the November Botswana Wilderness Safari we had the opportunity to [...]

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