By Roxanne Reid. When you visit Paternoster on the West Coast, one of the highlights is the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve & lighthouse about 5km away along a gravel road. The nature reserve is especially [...]

Trip Report: Great Migration Family Safari, 21 – 27 August 2016

This particular Wild Eye Migration Safari has a special little twist. Instead of the typical camera-crazy wildlife photographers, we had 3 beautiful families occupy our mobile camp on the banks [...]

3 agents of change who prove South Africans care

South Africa is often viewed by outsiders as a writhing mess of politics and violence, splashed across the international news networks for its infamous growing pains since its democracy was [...]

Art with a magical touch in the heart of the African bush

In today’s interview it’s a real pleasure to introduce you to Raphaelle Gasse, Marketing Manager at Tribal Textiles. Muli bwanji Raphaelle, thanks for your time! 🙂 In a few words [...]

What do rhinos and music have in common

Namibians are standing together to show their support for rhino conservation. Plus find out what music and rhinos have in common…

3 West Coast farm stalls on the R27

By Roxanne Reid. Any adventure from Cape Town to the West Coast will take you along the R27, which runs through Milnerton and Tableview before reaching open countryside on the [...]

African conservation: recent successes and ongoing threats

The daily struggle for survival continually being faced by some of Africa’s most iconic and beloved species is an issue that, unfortunately, we’re still all too familiar with. We all [...]

The African story must be told to African Americans

The African Diaspora, an interconnected blood line of history, legacy, family, lost and found loves and endangered unification. The connection between African Americans and Africans connected with blood and tears. [...]

10 Iconic Destinations in Africa – Do you know them all?

We’re always looking for new and exciting destinations to share with our guests and whilst i was looking through some maps of Africa last night I felt inspired by the [...]

Discover wildlife and plants of Chobe, Botswana

By Roxanne Reid. We were just two people dreading being swamped and squished by two large groups. Imagine our joy when we discovered they’d kept the groups together and given [...]

Rarest find on Safari?

A question that often pops up on safari, “What is the rarest animal you’ve seen?” Apart from some rare birds and insects etc, one of the rarest animals would have [...]

Macro Photography: Ladybird Lifecycle

One of my favourite things about macro photography is that there are things to photograph absolutely everywhere. Of course, travelling to exotic locations to find rare and interesting species to [...]

100 Amazing Images from the Mara, The 2016 Guest Edition

It is hard to believe that yet another great migration season has come and gone. We are truly proud of the product that we have been able to create in [...]

South Luangwa Photo

We love sharing our guests experiences with you all and have been encouraging guests to share their images and stories with us here on the blog. You can view some [...]

Africa in Motion (AiM) Film Festival

Africa in Motion is Scotland’s major annual celebration of African cinema, and is delighted to return for the 11th year to bring audiences in Edinburgh and Glasgow a wide variety [...]

Patience pays with a leopard and her youngster

If there is one thing I’ve learnt in this industry its that patience pays. When you have a scene where their is potential for something special it is worth hanging [...]

Paternoster: fishing boats, beaches and crayfish

By Roxanne Reid. Paternoster is one of the oldest fishing towns along the West Coast, a place of whitewashed houses, fishing boats, beaches and crayfish. Visitors come here for the [...]

Green season is a go for budding shutterbugs

Green season is a full on sensory experience and one of the best times to safari if you’re a budding shutterbug. Arno Delport, Sales & Marketing Manager at Acacia Africa, [...]

Browsing buffalo

Buffalo are classified as grass and roughage feeders.  Their digestive system, which allows them to digest fibrous foods more effectively than other ruminants, makes them less partial to fresh green [...]

SADC and Africa tourism shine in China

African tourism recently managed to make a good impression on two different occasions in Beijing. The events were part of enhancing co-operation between China and the external world. In the [...]