Kate Collins chats to Rob and Ingrid Baas, incoming General Managers for our newest lodge Bisate in Rwanda. Our Zambian and Namibian guests might recall meeting them in the Kafue or Sossusvlei. Here’s to a [...]

Dreaming Big: The Case for An Entrepreneurial African Culture

While surfing the web the other day, I came across an interesting story. Two young, hopeful, college-aged Africans entered into an entrepreneurial contest and went on to win some money [...]

The African Story Must Be Told To African Americans

Promoting unity among Africans and African Americans The African Diaspora, an interconnected blood line of history, legacy, family, lost and found loves and endangered unification. The connection between African Americans [...]

What is the biggest challenge for African education in the 21st Century?

One of the millennium goals was that in 2015, all children would get primary education. By and large, this goal was a success. The facts are clear: whereas in 1990, [...]

Africa Speaks Digital in So Lo Mo

The ability to communicate for Africans using digital tools is important in an age of progressive digital technologies. Mobile tech has changed the way African people are communicating in their [...]

African Students Can Learn from Hidden Figures

Over 200 girls and young women had the opportunity to attend the movie Hidden Figures in Jacksonville, Florida. This unique opportunity was provided by the hard work and passion to [...]

Lighting the Way for Sinde Village

A visitor to Zambia, Regina Cholnoky, took time out to visit Twabuka Primary School and Sinde Village as part of a cultural activity offered by Children in the Wilderness and [...]

African Students’ Build Your Brand Reputation and Protect It

The more African students use technology the more they create a digital footprint that will build in global significance. African students are being judged, evaluated,  and scrutinised by their digital [...]

CITW and the Shoe That Grows

CITW Zambezi Region distributes sustainable footwear in conjunction with The Shoe That Grows.

Building African Bloggers and Innovators in 2017

“What should we be doing going forward?” Africans can save Africa: Arnold Ekpe at TEDxEuston. There are millions of potential brother and sister bloggers in Africa, diverse people of color [...]

Speaking up for the voiceless

I have a soft spot for kids and I wait for the day to have my own. I do not fear giving birth; what I fear as a mother is [...]

Children from Three Nations Come Together

As part of our giving-back efforts in the communities we work with during the Nedbank Tour de Tuli, Children in the Wilderness CITW hosted its second annual Tri-Nations at Mapungubwe [...]

Africans Can Learn from WordCamps

Josh, Prof. Jackson, Jon Attending WordCampUSA Philly was a great opportunity to join over 1800 bloggers, developers, programmers, users and even educators. Joining together to learn, share, and collaborate on [...]

Africans Are Developing The Art of Writing and Blogging

As an instructor in the College of Education and Urban Studies at Edward Waters College, the instructional goal is to reach students to make learning relevant, engaging, fun and helping [...]

A warm reminder this festive season

It can be easy to forget the real meaning of Christmas. Then we come across a story like this and we are reminded what this time is really all about. [...]

The More They Stay The Same

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun” declares the ancient wisdom of Ecclesiastes. Recent events would [...]

What next for Africa’s biofuel industries?

The sentencing of a supposed US biofuel entrepreneur on fraud charges earlier this year drew something of a line under a distinctly unsavoury saga, but it only told one small [...]

The gift of sight

It’s so colourful. Those were Mr Mphika Nhlonzi’s words to us when he tried on his first pair of glasses and looked around the rolling hills of his local community [...]

!Khwa ttu: learn about the San near Yzerfontein

By Roxanne Reid. The San have inhabited Africa for thousands of years but modern ‘civilisation’ hasn’t treated them kindly. Now there’s a Fair Trade Tourism project that trains them in [...]

Zimbabwe’s funny money: Bane or boon

Six months after it first announced the bond notes, Zimbabwe, at the end of November, finally introduced the currency to an apprehensive market. Reactions to the currency – like everything [...]