The more African students use technology the more they create a digital footprint that will build in global significance. African students are being judged, evaluated,  and scrutinised by their digital content as they mature into [...]

CITW and the Shoe That Grows

CITW Zambezi Region distributes sustainable footwear in conjunction with The Shoe That Grows.

Building African Bloggers and Innovators in 2017

“What should we be doing going forward?” Africans can save Africa: Arnold Ekpe at TEDxEuston. There are millions of potential brother and sister bloggers in Africa, diverse people of color [...]

Kids get their hands dirty at The Ant Collection

A few of the fun and exciting activities that await your kids at Ant’s. So, parents, let’s make 2017 the year of adventures! Get in touch with us to start [...]

Speaking up for the voiceless

I have a soft spot for kids and I wait for the day to have my own. I do not fear giving birth; what I fear as a mother is [...]

Children from Three Nations Come Together

As part of our giving-back efforts in the communities we work with during the Nedbank Tour de Tuli, Children in the Wilderness CITW hosted its second annual Tri-Nations at Mapungubwe [...]

Africans Can Learn from WordCamps

Josh, Prof. Jackson, Jon Attending WordCampUSA Philly was a great opportunity to join over 1800 bloggers, developers, programmers, users and even educators. Joining together to learn, share, and collaborate on [...]

Africans Are Developing The Art of Writing and Blogging

As an instructor in the College of Education and Urban Studies at Edward Waters College, the instructional goal is to reach students to make learning relevant, engaging, fun and helping [...]

A warm reminder this festive season

It can be easy to forget the real meaning of Christmas. Then we come across a story like this and we are reminded what this time is really all about. [...]

The More They Stay The Same

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun” declares the ancient wisdom of Ecclesiastes. Recent events would [...]

What next for Africa’s biofuel industries?

The sentencing of a supposed US biofuel entrepreneur on fraud charges earlier this year drew something of a line under a distinctly unsavoury saga, but it only told one small [...]

Trophy Hunting: unethical Namibian hunters to blame for poor image

Hunters who engage in unethical and illegal practices are largely to blame for the decline in the “overall acceptance” of trophy hunting by the general public and influential institutions across [...]

Rowing to Rio to save the planet

Rowing from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro to save our planet and launch the DOT challenge App.

The gift of sight

It’s so colourful. Those were Mr Mphika Nhlonzi’s words to us when he tried on his first pair of glasses and looked around the rolling hills of his local community [...]

Protecting gorillas at all costs: park rangers of the Congo

In the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, the government is trying to develop tourism. But the lives of rangers who patrol areas popular for rare gorillas are on the [...]

!Khwa ttu: learn about the San near Yzerfontein

By Roxanne Reid. The San have inhabited Africa for thousands of years but modern ‘civilisation’ hasn’t treated them kindly. Now there’s a Fair Trade Tourism project that trains them in [...]

Zimbabwe’s funny money: Bane or boon

Six months after it first announced the bond notes, Zimbabwe, at the end of November, finally introduced the currency to an apprehensive market. Reactions to the currency – like everything [...]

What Trump’s victory means for Africans in America

The election is over, Donald J. Trump is now the President-elect of the United States and the inevitability of Hillary Clinton turned out not to be so inevitable after all. [...]

Nadav Ossendryver Interview on Legacy Leavers
Guide becomes guest as Brooks K visits Vermont

Boundless Journeys, and Karen Cleary in particular, made possible a very special New England experience for Botswana Explorations private guide Brooks Kamanakao and his brother, Machine.