South Africa is often viewed by outsiders as a writhing mess of politics and violence, splashed across the international news networks for its infamous growing pains since its democracy was born in 1994. My heart [...]

Art with a magical touch in the heart of the African bush

In today’s interview it’s a real pleasure to introduce you to Raphaelle Gasse, Marketing Manager at Tribal Textiles. Muli bwanji Raphaelle, thanks for your time! 🙂 In a few words [...]

The African story must be told to African Americans

The African Diaspora, an interconnected blood line of history, legacy, family, lost and found loves and endangered unification. The connection between African Americans and Africans connected with blood and tears. [...]

The agrarian reform in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Agrarian reform had great implications on the scope, nature and character of international politics. The reform had shown that finance is not always a pre-condition of fulfilling national policies, [...]

Africa in Motion (AiM) Film Festival

Africa in Motion is Scotland’s major annual celebration of African cinema, and is delighted to return for the 11th year to bring audiences in Edinburgh and Glasgow a wide variety [...]

Voices of Botswana: the female guide

By Roxanne Reid. Gobe Motshidisi is part of Chobe Game Lodge’s team of 16 women who are professional guides. Some people also refer to them as the Chobe Angels. How [...]

This is what’s wrong with Voluntourism

A video by volunteers at Luket Ministries has caused a stir amongst Ugandans and friends of Uganda, although the video has been taken down, the conversation has continued amongst Ugandans. [...]

How to study Africa as a European, in 2016?

For as long as there have been contacts between Europe and Africa, Europeans have studied the African continent in (almost) all its aspects. By now, I think it is safe [...]

Can Religion and African Traditional Practices Co-exist?

I grew up in a semi-strict Catholic household. We went to mass every Sunday, Sunday school was a must and I knew all my prayers off by heart from a [...]

Africans Start to Hashtag and Google Yourselves

The elevation of Africans having access to the Internet is increasing the digital footprint of those denied access to information for years. Internet access supplied by providers is allowing people [...]

Pastor Evan, hero or villain: The cult of personality in Zimbabwe

Following #ThisFlag leader, Pastor Evan Mawarire’s decision to quit Harare for the United States, a lot of political discussion in Zimbabwe has ranged from whether he is a “sell out” [...]

Voices of Botswana: the cub whisperer

By Roxanne Reid. Every safari lover worth her salt wants to spend time in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. The landscape is beautiful, with water channels, floodplains and mokolane palms. The wildlife [...]

Feel good about life insurance – They’re “Different”

The brilliant hues of an African sunrise streak across the plains and wake the feathered heralds from sleepy wonder. Another day unfolds and all of Africa is illuminated, the good [...]

The Faces of Londolozi – Londolozi TV
The power of African Diaspora networks

African diaspora love their heritage countries and most send support in various forms to their families that remained behind. Most send money and it has been noted that remittances to [...]

Hair, Hair Everywhere

In August of this year, girls in a South African school marched to protest the racism that they were experiencing in school. At the heart of the protest was the [...]

My Only Sin Is In My Skin

My Lord, I’m shaking my watch and double-checking the calendar. The dateline reads 2016, but the headlines sound 1960s mean. I’m expecting to see pictures of firehoses or German shepherds [...]

Prophetic Imagination: Americans Struggle with Conflicting Values

I am reading Walter Brueggermann’s The Practice of Prophetic Imagination and thinking about the video that was released last night by the Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Department. Yet another unarmed black male, [...]

The need for an increased Internet space for Tanzanian tourism – Part Two

Looking for Part One? — Today Tabora School is reported to be one of the oldest schools in Tanzania, and its publicity is partly because the founding father of Tanzania [...]

6 reasons why private safari villas make the perfect family getaway

Relaxing on the drive back to Singita Castleton, your private villa and home-away-from-home, everyone is reveling in the magic of having had an epic game drive. The kids are in [...]