The lovely folks over at the Guardian pulled together a liveblog Q & A with some of Africa’s top writers earlier today, enlisting the five shortlisted authors for the 2015 Caine prize to discuss everything from [...]

Flora mapping flora: Unlocking the nutrition in Benin’s sacred forests

In the tropical forests of Benin, far below the towering ebony, shea and mahogany trees, one can find an abundance of riches. Mongoose, warthogs and chameleons scamper through lush foliage, made up [...]

The founder of the Barack Obama University has gone into hiding

The Barack Obama University in Kenya has been closed – before it even had the chance to open its doors. The unregistered institution in Ndenderu, Kiambu county was recently shut down [...]

This map shows how modern day Africa would fit into prehistoric supercontinent Pangea

Imagine traveling from Brazil to the Congo, Pakistan to Somalia or even Mozambique to Antarctica – without setting foot on water. Well, clearly you’ve missed your chance by a fair few [...]

15 up-and-coming African entrepreneurs who could change the world – Part Two

Africa is brimming with precocious entrepreneurs. The continent is becoming a hot-bed for innovation, with new start-ups and tech hubs hatching at a dizzying pace, emerging from the chaotic dynamism of [...]

15 up-and-coming African entrepreneurs who could change the world

Africa is brimming with precocious entrepreneurs. The continent is becoming a hot-bed for innovation, with new start-ups and tech hubs hatching at a dizzying pace, emerging from the chaotic dynamism of [...]

Is it a miracle? Zambian pastor ‘turns water into petrol’

Christ returns to Earth but his miracles probably won’t go down well amongst environmentalists.

Broadcasting from Kenya to the world: The tech-savvy African media house with big ambitions

From cloud computing to social media, Spielworks Media founder Dorothy Ghettuba explains how new technologies are spearheading her company’s growth

Philippine teenager flies to Sudan specialist for life-saving heart surgery

A teenager from the Philippines has been flown to Sudan to undergo life-saving surgery at a world-leading Khartoum hospital specialising in complex heart operations. Reynaldo Nilo was diagnosed with rheumatic heart [...]

Huge python finds a new home – inside a Limpopo ambulance engine

A heavyweight African python took up an unlikely new home last week, eschewing the sundry hovels and dens across the Kruger National Park and instead settling down in a Limpopo [...]

Trevor Noah sums up FIFA corruption scandal in one perfect line

South African comedian Trevor Noah has offered his thoughts on the ongoing scandal currently enveloping world football’s governing body, Fifa. The acerbic comic is currently in South Africa for a string of [...]

Man dedicates 40th birthday to the last male Northern white rhino on Earth

Jeremy Taylor is turning 40 next month and this is great news for the world’s remaining white rhino population. The man from upstate New York is dedicating his big 4-0 [...]

10 African super foods you need in your life right now (and why Westerners shouldn’t buy them)

Africa is overflowing with endemic super foods that are packed with pretty much every nutrient your body will ever need. But the seemingly endless nutrient counts are not matched in [...]

Award-winning water filter uses nanotechnology and sand to make clean H2o

A water filter that can absorb anything from copper and fluoride to bacteria, viruses and pesticides has won a prestigious African innovation prize. The award-winning device uses an unlikely mix [...]

Groundbreaking gravity lamp on cusp of being mass-produced in Kenya

In areas of developing countries where electricity is either unreliable or non-existent, kerosene lamps are the go-to choice for illuminating a household in the evening. Unfortunately, inhaling burning kerosene is not [...]

Cape Town artist illuminates plight of Table Mountain’s endemic species with roadside spectacle

A Cape Town artist is gaining international attention after installing an eye-catching series of glowing animals along a South African highway. The Endemic Project is an immersive visual-audio installation dotted along a [...]

How to make Senegalese street food classic ‘Thiebou dieune’

Roadside street food stalls in Dakar all have one menu item in common: Senegal’s national dish of thiebou dieune. This spicy and flavourful dish is “comfort food with a kick”. Simply, [...]

Eliza Anyangwe: “African people don’t want your stinky T-shirts”

It’s a wonder anybody from the West ever travels to Africa. Of the great African continent, European and US media have but a few stories to tell: death, destruction, disease, corruption… [...]

Eight year old girl takes the fight to rhino poachers… with cookies and dogs

Alyssa Carter was just six-years-old when she decided that she needed to join the fight to save the Earth’s rhinos. Little did she know that her decision to try and put [...]

How to survive the Accra blackouts (and never run out of phone battery again)

Blackout. Anybody living or working in Accra will be all too used to that word. City-wide power outages of 36 hours-plus are becoming the norm in Ghana’s coastal capital, as the [...]

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