An interview with Raabia Hawa, a well-known “Kenyan Radio presenter with a passion for people and wildlife, people for wildlife, and wildlife for the people”. Hi Raabia. Thanks for taking the time to contribute to [...]

Go crazy about Kenya – An interview with Pepe Haze

Crazy About Kenya is a website featuring a group of talented musicians and artists from Africa’s wildlife capital. Earlier this year, the grassroots URL was nominated for a Travolution award [...]

When the juice is worth the squeeze

An interview with Greg du Toit, South African wildlife photographer and photographic guide. Hi Greg, thanks a million for taking the time to chat with us. It’s a real honor [...]

How to communicate with animals with Anna Breytenbach – Part Four

9. Are there any anecdotes that you’d like to share with my audience? Instances where you were able to identify the causes behind strange animal behavior patterns for instance? There [...]

How to communicate with animals with Anna Breytenbach – Part Three

7. Can this amazing communication technique be applied to any animal? Wild animals, domestic ones, reptiles (snakes?), insects (ants?)? Pardon me if some of my questions sound a little “naive”, [...]

How to communicate with animals with Anna Breytenbach – Part Two

4. At this point, I’m sure a lot of people (including myself 🙂 ) are dying to ask a specific question, and that is: How do you actually communicate with [...]

How to communicate with animals with Anna Breytenbach

Hi Anna! Thanks for taking the time for this, I really appreciate it! 🙂 1. Tell us a little about your personal background/where you’re from, etc.? I was born and [...]

Capturing African wildlife with Herman Gerber from Safari TV

An Interview with Herman Gerber, professional camera operator in the Sabi Sands. 1. Hi Herman! Please present yourself in a couple of words… I am a professional live wildlife photographer [...]

Reaching the roof of Africa with Kerry de Bruyn

An interview with professional photographer Kerry de Bruyn, from Kerry de Hi Kerry, thanks for taking the time to share with us your Kili climb experience, I really appreciate it! [...]

Meet Soham: Professional crocodile trainer and snake whisperer

When profession rimes with passion. Soham Mukherjee is a professional herpetologist who works closely with incredible (yet very unpredictable) animals: crocodiles, snakes and arachnids. While he is not based in Africa he still [...]

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