As a wildlife photographer there are many moments in nature that are memorable, unbelievable and happen just too fast to capture…

An Elephant in a Tree

On a morning game drive while staying at Savuti Camp we had a most unusual sighting driving along while looking out for the lions we had seen the day before, [...]

When Wild Dog and Lion Collide

The Linyanti Concession in the drier months produces game that can exceed any area of Botswana. Or so I have been told. I was particularly looking forward to meeting old [...]

Guided by Goodman: Savuti’s Stellar Storyteller

To find a person with intimate knowledge, endless respect and profound love for our environment is quite unique. I had the privilege of meeting such a fella last week…

Aerial Combat: A Battle of the Talons

We were photographing a tawny eagle in Hwange for a few minutes when it dropped to the ground and grabbed a large frog. We watched it carefully rip it open [...]

The Camera Thief

After working for a couple of years in the bush I was fortunate to visit New York on one of my leave cycles. I had been saving up to buy [...]

Top 5 African wildlife channels on YouTube

Jambo, rafiki. If you’re anything like me, African wildlife has always held a special place in your heart. While the web cannot replace real interaction with the wilderness, some of [...]

Qorokwe – A Place Where Giants Once Roamed

Described as a land so wild even roads seem a luxury, Qorokwe remains a mystery as I dig deeper into its soul. I take the opportunity to explore and my [...]

Heaven in a Plain of Grass

Our Social Media Administrator, Jo Bestic, regularly shares extraordinary updates from Kafue National Park’s undiscovered safari gem: Busanga Plains. Last week she popped in to experience the magic for herself. [...]

Reasons Not to Travel to Southern Africa

If you’re thinking of coming to Southern Africa on safari, there are a few things you should probably know before you book your tickets.

Safari thrills at Mara Expedition Camp, Maasai Mara

By Roxanne Reid. We woke in the dark to the sound of an elephant trumpeting and hyenas enjoying a pow-wow. We were at Mara Expedition Camp and we were getting [...]

Sharing is caring. “We bring travellers together on safari”.

In today’s Q&A session, it’s a privilege to welcome Elisa Droll, CEO of a fabulous new venture called Safarisharing. Jambo Elisa, habari gani? It’s lovely to connect. 🙂 Before getting [...]

Breathing new life into Chad’s Zakouma National Park

Breathing new life into Zakouma National Park has taken a great amount of time, energy and effort, but the rewards are slowly beginning to show. Part of this new lease [...]

Magic Moments on the Busanga Plains

Out of the thickness of the silky mist echoed the yelps of side-striped jackal and the grunts of hippo still tucked into their watery cradles a truly lazy bunch of [...]

Mandundumela – A New Frontier for Game Water Supply By Mr B

Mandundumela is a unique and very remote area of Hwange. A chunk of land, untouched, wild and free where majestic camelthorns provide shade and comfort for the old elephant bulls… [...]

An Eye-Opening Flight over the Okavango Delta

Next time you’re in the Delta opt for a scenic and explore areas where man has never placed a foot, and the only footprints are from nature itself.

The Twitch of a Lifetime

When the news trickled through that a rare vagrant Ross’s Turaco was sitting on a fruit-bearing sycamore fig, we knew we were in with a decent chance…

Classic safari at Little Governors Camp, Maasai Mara

By Roxanne Reid. Imagine an unfenced safari camp just inside the famous Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Now imagine luxury, delicious food and good wildlife sightings – both in [...]

Mara Expedition Camp’s safari style, Maasai Mara

By Roxanne Reid. Sometimes Africa whispers softly, revealing her secrets with slow subtlety. And sometimes she bellows and whacks you in the face with her wild bravado. We got a [...]

Patience and Teamwork Pay Off for Crafty Kalahari Jackals

Kalahari Plains guide Teko TK Tiso couldn’t wait to fill us in on this extraordinary sighting while out on a drive with guests near our camp in Botswana’s Central Kalahari [...]

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