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Finding water to bathe in on a hot day is pure bliss. These elephants in Hwange National Park show us how to enjoy the simple pleasures in life… without restraint.

An explosion of wild dogs at Selinda, Botswana

By Roxanne Reid. We’re flying, bouncing off-road over grass, avoiding aardvark holes and driving over a small mopane bush here or round a Kalahari apple-leaf there. We’re at Selinda in [...]

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Botswana: Celebrating 50 Years of Independence

Today we celebrate Botswana’s momentous milestone anniversary by reflecting on a few of the reasons why we believe in and are proud to be a part of this amazing country’s [...]

A magnificent sighting of two of the Big Five

When it comes to the matter of traffic in the bush, elephants always have right of way.

Houseboat life on the Chobe River, Botswana

By Roxanne Reid. We’re puttering past a patch of water lilies, water splashing on the sides of the boat, mist spray on our arms. From a small jetty in Kasane, [...]

Nerves of steel (or how to keep your composure in the African bush)

“This tracker did exactly the right thing by remaining calm while an elephant properly sniffed him out. Chances are it would have ended very differently had he panicked.”

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Trees: Another Reason to Love Toka Leya

Mary-Anne enjoys a back-of-house tour at Toka Leya. Her highlight: Planting a tree. Find out why…

Why playful cubs ruin mom’s plans to hunt Pumba

Mangosteen trees were silhouetted against a red sunrise and spurfowl were calling outside our tent in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. We’d heard lions roaring overnight and would soon be setting out [...]

The value of having a guide on safari

The quality of the game viewing and your guide could make or break your overall safari experience.

Riding wild at the Kaapsehoop Horse Trails

For those with a passion for horse riding, a visit to Kaapsehoop Horse Trails is not something that should be missed.

Lake Nakuru – The Jewel of Africa’s Rift Valley

Lake Nakuru Park proves to be much more than just a birder’s paradise.

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Twenty-Four Hours in Toka Leya – Part III

As the Zambezi River commences its seasonal drop in water levels, everyone starts to wonder what the water levels are like going over the Victoria Falls…

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Twenty-Four Hours in Toka Leya – Part II

No trip to Toka Leya in Zambia is complete without dropping in on the white rhino population that is so lovingly taken care of by ZAWA Zambia Wildlife Authority scouts. [...]

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Twenty-Four Hours at Toka Leya – Part 1

There’s a lot to do at Toka Leya – not to be missed is the camp’s river cruise on the Zambezi. Marian Myers tells us more about this exciting activity. [...]

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Our Top Wildlife and Adventure Reads

Today on 8 September we celebrate International Literacy Day our inspiration for sharing a few of our favourite adventure and wildlife reads with you

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Two Thumbs-Up For Ruckomechi and Little Ruckomechi

Graham Simmonds shares his highlights from his amazing trip to Mana Pools…

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Pedalling for People, Anti-Poachers and Pennies

Marian Myers fills us in on the exciting action that took place at this year’s Zambezi Cycle Challenge. Proceeds from this event benefit Children in the Wilderness as well as [...]

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Ruckomechi Then and Now

Take a trip back in time to the humble beginnings of Ruckomechi Camp in Zimbabwe a time when short, tight shorts and long beards were still in vogue

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Making a Difference on the Nedbank Tour de Tuli

What it is like to ride a bike in some of Africa’s most pristine wildlife areas. Read Scott Ramsay’s humorous account of this year’s Nedbank Tour de Tuli. Find out [...]

Trip Report: Great Migration Safari 14-20 August 2016

The Greatest Wildlife spectacle on the planet. Thats really the only way to explain this safari, and unless you’ve seen it for yourself, it’s almost impossible to describe the vastness, [...]