Arguably one of the largest and most famous Game Reserves in Africa, Kruger National Park has become a hub for many photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.  Situated in the Northeastern part of South Africa, this Game [...]

The Waiting Game Lesson 1

When you’re too lazy for the chase, you resort to group digging. While you dig, your sister watches over you, then she pokes her head into the hole and tells [...]

Mating ritual of a Red-Crested Korhaan

“Have you ever seen Red-Crested Korhaan mating? This guy put up quite a show to impress his lady as well as the crowd in the game drive vehicle …”

A day at the Office at Jacis Lodge in Madikwe

Four o’clock and the alarms sets off… it is still pitch dark and in the distance I can hear the two male lions we saw last night roaring. As I [...]

Rhino Calf Rescue

When you go through all the effort of relocating a breeding nucleus of a critically endangered species, it follows that you would pull out all the stops to try and [...]

The Battle between the impala and python

An early morning game drive delivered an incredible sighting for Kings Pool guests who came across a python in the process of strangling a young impala ram.

Symphony of the wild

Ilana Stein reflects on a night spent under open skies at Ruckomechi Camp …

Being part of the pack

Being part of the pack is exactly how we felt during our quick two-hour drive at Xigera Camp this morning.

360 Degree Wildlife in the Linyanti

Besides the Okavango Delta, one of the most remarkable phenomena of the natural world, there is a neighbouring mini-delta system that flows from the Kwando and Linyanti Rivers into northern [...]

A leopard and an elephant sighting at a Marula tree

Having seen the leopard in the Marula tree with the Steenbok kill the evening before and motivated to view the sighting again, we decided to venture out earlier than the [...]

Video: rhinos charge tourists on walking safari

Watch this video of rhinos charging tourists on a walking safari in the Kruger National Park.

Lions, impala, mud! An epic sighting at the hide!

Nkosi had taken some guests on a game drive to Ngweshla Pan, a commonly visited area by most who come to Hwange National Park.

Battle Royal between Martial Eagle and Rock Monitor

A Martial eagle shows Mombo guests exactly how it derived its name in an epic battle lasting nearly four hours against a rock monitor.

A Transformation of Ngamo Plains

Rains in Hwange have brought a spring to everyone’s step and a remarkable transformation…

Voices of Botswana: the jovial host

By Roxanne Reid. When you arrive on the main deck of DumaTau Camp in Botswana’s Linyanti, you’ll be blown away by the fresh, neutral-toned spaces and the sweeping views over [...]

Wild dog and hyena pandemonium

Guests at Mombo recently watched in amazement as a pack of 18 wild dogs chased and killed an impala…

A time-lapse in words

Like a trail of ants three or four deep walking side-by-side, they just kept moving steadily forward, their legs crisscrossing like cross-stitch it was almost impossible to count how many [...]

We are because of you – Londolozi TV
Summertime: what’s cooking in the Delta?

With summer in full swing in the southern hemisphere we’ve been inspired to look at some of the cooler foods that were now being served to guests at our camps [...]

Soggy baboons and the first summer rains

If only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun, who gets up on a dark, wet, soggy summer morning on safari? Bush lovers do!