Dan Grec The Road Chose Me Africa Trip
Here’s how I transformed my Jeep into a moving house to travel Africa for 2 years

Hi, I’m Dan. A few years ago I drove a Jeep from Alaska to Argentina. I learned a lot on that trip about where I want to go and what [...]

Paint your nails – save the rhinos

In order to highlight this year’s World Rhino Day on 22 September, tour operator, Acacia Africa will be supporting Save the Rhino International’s ‘Nail it for Rhinos’ campaign on its [...]

It’s time to go to Mozambique

There’s no denying Mozambique has a chequered past – 15 years of civil war followed by low level infighting between the country’s opposing parties. But, with last year’s peace agreement [...]

Acacia Africa Safari HQ
Planning your overland trip to Africa

When you’re overlanding across several countries, planning your trip to Africa can feel like a daunting task. You might be covering seven or eight countries so having the right visas, [...]

My first safari game drive

I remember my first safari game drive. I was on my first overland trip in Africa at the time and we were a few days into the adventure. It was [...]

Overland travel in style – Rovos Rail

Experience the decadent side of railway travel by boarding the Rovos Rail. Based in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, Rovos has quickly earned an international reputation as a truly [...]

African overland truck
Inside an African overland truck

If you ever wondered how I “physically” traveled during my amazing African overland adventure, here’s a chance to get an insider’s view of a typical overland truck! Enjoy! 😉

Spitzkoppe landscape
Top 5 most beautiful African overland spots

NB: The selection of places is based on my recent Africa overland trip, and was compiled from my own point of view. This is MY top 5…what’s yours??? 🙂 1. [...]

Swakopmund (c) Acacia Africa
A truck-tastic load of Southern Africa

Guest Post by Mike Cook. I just love everything about travel; the land itself; getting to know the locals; the wildlife; the history, and of course, meeting people from other [...]

Overlanding and chores: your personal involvement in the trip

Overlanding is about fun for sure, but it also requires personal involvement in daily activities and chores that are essential to the good functioning of the tour. Essentially speaking, there [...]

Overlanding and camping – how to maximize your own comfort whilst on a trip

1. Keep the fly sheet on your tent.   Fly sheets not only protect your tent from rain, but they also act as great insulators. Cold weather can be an [...]

My Africa overlanding trip highlights: days 51-58

Day 51: Drive to Spitzkoppe, probably the most picturesque location on the trip so far. The area is dominated by weird-looking boulders, cliffs and crevices of all shapes and sizes. [...]

Interesting setting for a group meal!
My Africa overlanding trip highlights: days 38-50

Day 38: Drive to Livingstone, home to one of the 7 natural wonders of the world: Victoria Falls. The water level was rather low (only the beginning of the rainy [...]

The shores of Sunset Bungalows near South Beach!
My Africa overlanding trip highlights: days 26-37

Day 26: Transfer to Zanzibar with a local ferry (Sea Star II) and first day spent on the island. Did the “spice tour” today, a great way to learn about [...]

Across a wild frontier: Richtersveld National Park

It’s a desolate and forbidding landscape to some, but for others the Ai-Ais/Richtersveld National Park is the epitome of beauty, stark and moonlike though it is. I adore arid places. [...]

A very thirsty elephant!
My Africa overlanding trip highlights: days 13-25

Day 13: Long drive to Naiberi River Campsite in Eldoret, a place where we’d already stayed at on Day 2. Had a relaxing swim as we arrived, and enjoyed some [...]

Paddling through the Nile river (© Nile River Explorers)!
My Africa overlanding trip highlights: days 1-12

Jambo rafiki! Habari gani (how are you)? Hope you had a fabulous Christmas… 🙂 I know I’ve been extremely quiet lately (and I truly apologize for this), but the internet [...]

Just landed in Nairobi

Jambo rafiki! I have just landed in Nairobi, and it feels so GREAT to be back to Africa. It’s been about 10 years since the last time I came to [...]

Rogue Hat
Most important items to bring on your African overlanding experience

Jambo rafiki! Today’s Day – 1 until I depart for Africa on my amazing overlanding experience, yipie! Here’s a video on some of the most important items to pack for [...]