Game viewing. That’s why most of us haul ourselves what seems like halfway round the world to remote spots in Africa. It’s the hope that we’ll see something extraordinary, something truly thrilling which will allow [...]

Zambia – Africa’s hidden gem

Travellers the world over are slowly discovering that decades of ignoring a country has its benefits. This is certainly true where Zambia is concerned. The infrastructure needs a bit of [...]

A journey to my past… Laikipia region in Kenya

I’ve surprised myself. As the cabin lights go up on the Kenya Airways flight I find that I’ve actually been asleep for a couple of hours. It seems that as [...]

Welcome to my bolt-hole – the Blyde River Canyon

There are a few special places which, no matter how many times you visit them, always stir the senses, refresh the soul and banish the stresses and strains of everyday [...]

Ibo – a living museum

The Bard had it right when he asked “what’s in a name?” Nothing? Perhaps. Everything? Maybe. And although roses do indeed smell as sweet if we do not know what [...]

Mozambican island magic

There’s something to be said for tropical islands. Every one I’ve ever visited has claimed to be a “paradise” and has the obligatory palm trees lining an impossibly perfect-looking beach. [...]

Safari booking, 4 essential steps

The preparation and research which go into booking an African safari is exciting, but can also sometimes be time-consuming, confusing and stressful. The steps leading up to the booking of [...]

Lugenda – Mozambique’s lost wilderness

There is a wild place in the far north of Mozambique which has been “calling” to me for years. Filled with the promise of a wilderness experience par none and [...]

Venda magic at Leshiba

As a South African, travelling in my own country, I’ve often bemoaned the apparent lack of interesting, affordable off-the-beaten-track places to visit. But it would appear that my moaning has [...]

Of sun, sand and sensational Sossusvlei

The road sign says it all. “Sand!” I suppress a giggle, looking at the dunes to the left and right of the main road. “No kidding?!” I mutter, as we [...]

Top 5 misconceptions about Africa

It’s somewhat ironic that Africa is called the Dark Continent because it’s one of the sunniest landmasses around, and the people are generally of an equally sunny disposition. Of course [...]

The Timbavati – an affordable safari option

It’s easy to be put off the whole safari thing when you’re looking for an affordable local bush break that doesn’t involve camping, driving yourself to hell and gone or [...]

Leopard in Tarangire National Park
My Tanzania safari highlights

Last month me and a few friends set off on a week long journey that would turn out to be one of the greatest vacations I have ever been on. [...]

Where fynbos meets fins

It’s a rare treat in the Overberg when the wind drops. Although not quite Port Elizabeth, whose legendary gales make it South Africa’s reigning “Windy City”, up here in the [...]

We are all African

“We’re all African, and I’m going to show you why…” Mark Tennant, wildlife guide, television personality and a man with perhaps the most energy I have ever encountered literally bounces [...]

What to know about your Masai Mara safari in Kenya

Kenya is one of the most renowned countries in the world for safari holidays. With around 18 National Parks and over 17 various Reserves, it is no wonder that tourists [...]

Sounds of the wild: Most popular safari sounds

Listen to some of the most popular African animal sounds out there. The majority of them are ones that you are most likely to come across while on safari.

How to end off a Botswana safari

For most folk a typical Botswana Safari consists of the Okavango Delta, The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve (Savuti) and the Chobe National Park, and for some a visit to the Kalahari [...]

My favourite wildlife reserve in Kenya

When asked ‘What is your favourite wildlife reserve in Kenya?’, most people will tell you the ‘Masai Mara’. However, my favoured park happens to be a very different one, Amboseli. [...]

The nitty gritty about voluntourism — volunteer work — in Africa

1. How would one define voluntourism? The term “voluntourism” comprises two words: to “volunteer” and “tourism”. That is to say, it combines traditional travel/tourism with volunteer work (usually abroad). In [...]

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