Listen to some of the most popular African animal sounds out there. The majority of them are ones that you are most likely to come across while on safari.

How to end off a Botswana safari

For most folk a typical Botswana Safari consists of the Okavango Delta, The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve (Savuti) and the Chobe National Park, and for some a visit to the Kalahari [...]

My favourite wildlife reserve in Kenya

When asked ‘What is your favourite wildlife reserve in Kenya?’, most people will tell you the ‘Masai Mara’. However, my favoured park happens to be a very different one, Amboseli. [...]

The nitty gritty about voluntourism — volunteer work — in Africa

1. How would one define voluntourism? The term “voluntourism” comprises two words: to “volunteer” and “tourism”. That is to say, it combines traditional travel/tourism with volunteer work (usually abroad). In [...]

The Tanzanian dream

In 2007 myself and my trusty web team created a free trip competition while managing the Australia Zoo websites and online presence. A trip anyone from around the world could [...]

Life’s a journey

It’s a much misused and misunderstood word, safari… It literally means “journey” in kiSwahili, the language of the vast plains of East Africa which has become an internationally recognised linguistic [...]

“Eye of the rhino”

Although primarily specialising in East African wildlife adventures such as Kenya and Tanzania safari tours, Ziara Safaris also appreciate that there is so much more to Africa than solely wildlife [...]

Tanzania holidays – the great safari circuit

The name of this tour alone is enough to heighten anticipation and evoke images of wild creatures, sprawling landscapes and the drama of life and death in the rugged Tanzanian [...]

Top 5 most popular safari activities

1. Game Drive A game drive safari is by far the most popular way of exploring the African bush. Game viewing is typically conducted early in the morning (6-8:30 AM) [...]

Kenya safaris: price vs. wildlife

Going on a wildlife safari holiday can be an exciting, but expensive experience. However, by choosing to visit wildlife reserves with cheaper entrance fees, you can dramatically reduce costs (especially [...]

African safari attractions in numbers

What is Mt Kilimanjaro’s Height? Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the highest freestanding mountains in the world (ranked 4th) and the highest peak in Africa. It rises at 5895 m [...]

Discover Kenya’s most precious tourist attractions

Situated in East Africa, The Republic of Kenya is a beautiful country made up of breathtaking mountainous landscapes, white sandy beaches and thriving, incredible wildlife. It is no surprise that [...]

Top 5 best things to do around Africa

Recently, the best thing to do in Africa was no doubt to attend the 2010 World Cup. But that was only temporary and now that it’s over, here are some [...]

5 key reasons to consider night drives

1. The Atmosphere There’s just something about night drives that you can only understand once you’ve experienced it for yourself. Something about the darkness, the atmosphere, the slight breeze and [...]

Top 10 most popular safari destinations in Africa

If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to embark on a safari for a vacation or holiday, then you understand that there are many safari destinations to choose [...]

Top 5 camel safaris in Africa

The continent of Africa is known for its wide range of terrain – from the dry plains of the Serengeti to the lush jungles of the Congo, which help to [...]

Safari memories (part 2): an Egyptian camel safari

Guest Post by Scott Hughes. Looking for Part 1? Click HERE. 😉 The next day we hopped on a flight to Cairo. We had decided that in order to get [...]

Safari memories (part 1): a South African game drive around Makutsi safari springs

Guest Post by Scott Hughes. Looking for Part 2? Click HERE! 😉 About 6 months ago my partner and I were thinking about where we should go on holiday, and [...]

Safari greetings – Swahili basics

While on safari, it is always nice to communicate with the locals in their own language. Here’s a list of terms and expressions you may want to learn before venturing [...]

Most popular Africa travel & safari forums

My Top 5 Faves Safari Talk The African Safari Forum! Valuable information and highly interactive. Debates. Expert Interviews. Featured Videos. Relevant talk sections: Fundraising, Birding, Travel News, Photography Talk, Self [...]