Choosing the perfect luxury family safari holiday

Many equate the word “safari” with the wilds of Africa and rightly so. However, families might embark on a luxury safari while visiting a number of countries around the world.

While Africa certainly offers exciting adventures and the opportunity of seeing lions, elephants and zebras, Borneo offers primate viewing and India presents the endangered tiger.


Luxury family holidays in South Africa usually include a visit to the Kruger National Park. Buffaloes, elephants and leopards join lions and rhinoceros on the landscape.

Covering over two million hectares, Kruger park serves as home to numerous species including 34 amphibians, 507 birds, 49 fish, 147 mammals and 114 reptiles in addition to over 300 types of trees, shrubbery and other vegetation.

I’d recommend booking with a specialist South Africa tour operator such as Rainbow Tours, to ensure that you get the best experience from the best guides whilst on your South Africa safari holiday.

If choosing a luxury safari destination for the chance of viewing primates, Uganda rises to the top of the list. The impressive mountain gorillas reside here in the Bwindi Forest. Park rangers accompany guests into the highlands where the search for primate families requires navigating underbrush and foliage.

Guests typically also see a variety of other wildlife species while trekking through the lush jungle. Uganda also has one dozen other primate species including chimpanzees, baboons, the red-tailed monkey and bushbabies.


Borneo lies north of Java Island and has rainforests over 100 million years old. These well-established spaces provide the perfect environment for innumerable bird, mammal and plants species. The rainforest is also one of the few remaining habitats suitable for the orangutan.

Luxury family holidays here include a riverboat ride through Tanjung Puting National Park and onto Camp Leakey Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. After four decades, the facility continues caring for primates displaced because of agriculture and deforestation.

The safari includes hiking jungle trails while viewing amazing exotic plant life. Besides orangutans, proboscis monkeys and pygmy elephants reside here.


The Periyar Tiger Reserve lies on the south-western edge of the country and encompasses around 925 square kilometres of diverse landscape. The reserve houses varied bird, mammal and reptile species that include bears, boars and deer along with elephants and the majestic tigers.

A tiger safari here entails trekking on designated trails to watchtowers strategically located throughout the reserve. Guests may also take boating trips on Periyar Lake, which serves as the watering hole for local animals.

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