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Hello everyone! I have a little more to share from Graham at Shamwari. All the latest news from him and his students at the reserve, and it seems they’ve been busier than ever getting out into the community and doing what they can.

Visiting one of the local preschools, the group was welcomed by singing and big smiles from the children there. The students were very generous with their educational gifts and games for the children at the school, and Graham is sure the children will remember the time they spent there for years to come.

The next morning, the students returned to their work with animals – and it was definitely the day to overcome any lingering nervousness around reptiles! The students visited the Addo Reptile and Raptor center to learn about snakes and birds of prey.

The students were able to handle some of our resident snakes, and one even got a friendly nibble from a coral snake! It was a fun morning for all, and lunch was even better.

The students picnicked for lunch with some of the world’s most venomous snakes (who Graham reassures me were on their best behavior!) and the resident eagle owls.

After the day had finished, it was time for a night drive to try and find some of the nocturnal animals that make Shamwari their home, and the students came across an inspiring, beautiful sight – five lions in the moonlight, getting ready for their night of hunting. Now that’s an amazing image!

It was inspiring enough to have the students eager to help Glen at Born Free to clean and ready some of their lion camps, a real aid to the Born Free team.

All the big cats helped have come from horrendous pasts and environments, and were confiscated so that they could spend the rest of their lives in a humane and happy environment. It’s not bad work at all!

I’ll let you know when there’s more Shamwari news from Graham or myself.  Hope you enjoyed reading!

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