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Exciting times for Africa Freak, business owners and safari enthusiasts. 🙂

Are you a safari specialist, an “Africa Freak”, or a passionate blogger who specializes in Africa-related news and stories? Would you like to share your expert skills and knowledge with the world, and benefit from a variety of advantages that come with this potential partnership?

Perhaps you have a special gift, or talent, but lack the targeted audience to unlock your true potential? Then look no further. Join the team now absolutely FREE and get ready to multiply your reach and opportunities.


Our long term goal is to revolutionise the way people create, discover and share Africa-related content on the Internet. Africa Freak is in the business of cultivating content that reflects the true beauty and complexity of both Africa and its people.

What are We Looking For?

We’re currently opening up our platform to other selected contributors whose work, vocation or lifestyle we find interesting. We are looking to connect, support and engage with everyone who lives in, has a stake in or is interested in Africa; Africa-based businesses, creatives, individuals and experts, whether they’re from Africa or the wider global diaspora, to create the definitive home for African news and culture on the web.

Below is a list of special people/organizations we may be interested in:

  • African NGOs, Charities and Wildlife Foundations.
  • Business Owners and Safari Tour Operators.
  • African Bloggers, Journalists and Niche-Related Writers.
  • Conservationists and Environmentalists.
  • Game Rangers and Safari Guides.
  • Passionate Safari Enthusiasts.
  • African Culture “Freaks”.
  • Professional Wildlife Photographers and Filmmakers.

Don’t fit in any of the above categories? Do not hesitate to Contact Us.


There are three major advantages of becoming a contributor:

Magnify your exposure, with a chance to value your writing skills, talents and/or business. Make extensive use of your very own vCard and Author Area.

Multiply your reach. If you have a blog or website, expect some long term dividends and extra traffic through indirect publicity.

Expand your voice even further through our extensive Social Media Network. Your accepted posts get published both on our popular Twitter (over 12 000 followers) and Facebook profiles.

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How to Register

1. Go to Log In.

2. Click on Register.

3. Enter your Registration Details and Accept the Terms & Conditions.

4. An Email will be sent to you containing your Username & Password.

Username: YourUsername

Password: YourPassword

NB: The password only becomes valid once your demand has been accepted.

5. We will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you! 🙂

In the meantime, visit our Resources page for any additional questions you may have.

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