Discover Kenya’s most precious tourist attractions

Situated in East Africa, The Republic of Kenya is a beautiful country made up of breathtaking mountainous landscapes, white sandy beaches and thriving, incredible wildlife.

It is no surprise that with natural wonders such as these hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to Kenya every year to take a glimpse with their own eyes at the magical places they have seen only in pictures or on TV.

Mount Kenya!

Most people enter Kenya through Nairobi, the bustling capital city which is a popular stop-off spot for its shopping and variety of restaurants. Only 150 Kilometres North-East of Nairobi is the stunning mountain that gave its name to the country we know today, Mount Kenya.

As well as being a beauty to look at, Mount Kenya is also a world famous location for hiking, trekking and climbing. Those who challenge the Mountain are in for a treat as they make for the volcanically formed peaks; Batian, Nelion and Lenana to discover waterfalls, giant lobelias and giant groundsels.

Lake Nakuru Flamingos!

Travelling West of Mount Kenya will bring you to Lake Nakuru. This lake is famous for its aptly named ‘sea of pink’ which is made up of over 1,000,000 flamingos of the greater and lesser varieties that feed on the algae that lines the shore.

Nakuru is definitely a haven for bird watchers, as well as the fabulous display of the flamingos lining the lake, there are also more than 400 other species of birds living in and around its famous National Park.

Kenya’s Great Rift Valley!

If you continue South from Nakuru, you will eventually come to Kenya’s view of the Great Rift valley. This gigantic valley stretches from Mozambique to the Middle East and is populated by lakes and volcanoes.

Looking out over the valley gives an overwhelming view that takes the eyes a while to adjust to, the sheer beauty of it makes this location a definite stop-spot for anyone whom passes en-route.

Lake Victoria Splendour!

Resuming the journey travelling even further West, you will arrive at Lake Victoria. This lake is bordered by three different countries; Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya and is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world.

As well as the lake being one of the greatest locations for fish in the whole of Africa, it is also host to other types of amazing wildlife such as the fish eagle, which can be heard by its high pitched screeching as it swoops down like an airplane landing to catch fish from just under the lake’s surface.

Boats and canoes can be hired from local businesses, which will give you the freedom to take an unforgettable trip through the lake.

Masai Mara Lion!

Taking the Southern route along Lake Victoria will soon enough bring you to the Masai Mara. As well as the presence of the ‘big five’; black rhino, masai lion, leopard, elephant and cape buffalo, there are also more than 50 species of birds of prey that inhabit this marvelous National Reserve.

One of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth passes through the Masai Mara each year; ‘the great migration’. This is the migrating of over a million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebra and gazelle which make their journey from the Serengeti to the Mara and then back again in search of fresh pastures to graze upon.

Amboseli National Park and Mt Kilimanjaro!

South East of the Mara lies Amboseli National Park. This park has a much smaller wildlife density than the Masai Mara, but still has its own advantages including huge herds of elephants, and most notably its view of the towering Mount Kilimanjaro which you can catch a glimpse of on a clear day.

Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa, measuring over five thousand metres high. The mountain is incredible to look at from a distance, but to see it up close will take the challenge of climbing it, which will lead you through five climatic changing stages, and result in the most spectacular views imaginable.

If you are interested in more information on Kenya safaris or any of the reserves listed then get in touch with Kenya experts Ziara Safaris. We can advise and help you to create a custom itinerary depending on what you would like to see and do.

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  1. samuel January 17, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

    its nyc but lowers local tourist rates

  2. Shelley Armstrong July 23, 2010 at 11:12 am #

    I would definitely rate Kenya as one of the must see countries in Africa. South Africa and Zimbabwe might be top of the list but if you are looking for an alternative destination or have already been to these two countries then No. 3 that I would recommend would be without a doubt, Kenya, and if you can – ‘the great migration’.It is not known as “the greatest show in the world” for nothing and usually takes place around June/July annually.

    Shelley Armstrong
    African Travel Experts

  3. Gordana Savic July 16, 2010 at 1:32 pm #

    Well done Michael!! You give people real insights of what is happening in Africa. It is so important to know where and when to travel depending on what you want to see and do. You are a real Africafreak. You must know that you are welcome to come and stay with us at any time when you feel you miss smells of Africa.

    • Africafreak July 16, 2010 at 1:41 pm #

      Hi Gordana,

      It’s great to hear from you, thank you… 🙂

      I will definitely be back soon, you can count on me for that! 😉

      Take care and say hi to everyone!


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