Eco school in South Africa plants its first vegetables

If you are unaware of the term ‘Eco-School’, then it is about time you learn it. This great program called ‘Eco-Schools’ is run internationally across the world. Its aim is to not only increase students understanding of the environment, but also to teach them how they can help manage the environment around them effectively and usefully.

The Born Free Foundation, through its campaign ‘Global Friends’ supports five schools near the Shamwari Game Reserve, and each of these schools is on its way to becoming a fantastic and successful Eco-School.

In April 2011, the teachers of these schools went with some of the staff from the Born Free Foundation to visit award winning Eco-School, Canzibe School, to witness their Seed Planting Ceremony. The visitors at the planting ceremony were treated to demonstrations by experts on how to propagate seeds and grow vegetables organically.

Some of the Born Free Foundation’s Eco-Schools co-ordinators admiring the garden and making plans for their own

Inspired by this day, and armed with volunteers from the Shamwari Game Reserve, Sandisulwazi High School went to work creating its very own vegetable patch! The children and the volunteers cleared an area and eagerly planted their vegetables – the first in the school’s history!

The Shamwari Wildlife Department donated a very sturdy fence that they put up around the patch, as the town Paterson where the school is located is a very rural area and there are pigs, cows and goats roaming free – it would have been quite devastating if the animals had fancied a nibble of the schools vegetable crop!

Planting the first vegetable seeds at the school

Hopefully soon they will be the proud owners of a fabulous and fruitful vegetable patch that will produce great healthy food that all the children can enjoy.

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