Enjoy your stay… at the airport

No one wants to stay at an airport longer than necessary, especially if you’ve got an exciting holiday to look forward to! From beach getaways to river cruises, there’s no doubt that airports are essential transport hubs no matter where you’re travelling this year.

Furthermore, with Africa experiencing an influx of tourists looking to take advantage of the great weather and culture, this article focuses on something different than normal, some of the best African airports, and how to make the most of your time when waiting for your flight!

OR Tambo International Airport

If you happen to find yourself with a few hours to kill at OR Tambo International Airport, you certainly won’t have any trouble with entertainment. Consistently voted as the best airport in South Africa, and also topping the lists in Africa as a whole, OR Tambo International handles more than 17 million passengers every year.

It has also benefited from a recent upgrade, meaning its maximum annual capacity has been extended to 28 million passengers.

With over 18,000 people working in the various fashion, technology and food stores in this airport, there’s plenty to explore. Because ORTIA services airlines from all 5 continents, you can literally buy everything here, from clothes and food to mp3 players and hotel rooms, however beware of the queues if you land during peak summer season!

Cape Town International Airport

Located around 20 km from the centre of Cape Town, this is one of the most easily accessible airports in all of Africa. With quick access to the city via the excellent transport links, Cape Town International is an established airport with first class VIP facilities and a wealth of shopping facilities to take advantage of too.

By 2015, over 14 million passengers will be travelling through this airport, and if you’re one of them there’s certainly more than enough to keep you entertained here.

King Shaka International Airport

Opened in May 2010, King Shaka International is another of Africa’s top airports if you’ve got a few hours to spare before your flight. At just under 40 km outside of the city of Durban, it provides impressive transport links and even more world class facilities.

Offering over 100,000 square metres of floor space, it’s easier than you think to get lost in all the shops here, and there’s even a short-stay hotel if you’d like to get your head down before boarding your plane.

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