Environmental and conservation projects to support in 2018

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There are many benefits to conserving wildlife and our environment. Not only can we keep the earth’s ecosystem in balance, but conservation can help to prevent disasters such as floods, fires and droughts. And it can also help to improve air and water quality, making the planet a better place to live for the human population.

Humans are undoubtedly connected to nature from birth, so much so that our brains are wired by the world around us. The latest research tells us how our health can benefit from the nature outside, so ensuring a sustainable future should be important for everyone. Here are some of the conservation projects that you can support or donate to right now.

Save the Rhino: North Luangwa Conservation Programme

The North Luangwa Conservation Programme (NLCP) in Zambia works to protect the wildlife and habitats of the North Luangwa National Park, where the endangered Black Rhino was reintroduced back in 2003. Once home to the largest Black Rhino population in the world, Zambia was devastated by national extinction caused by poaching in the 1970s and 80s.

The programme has reintroduced more than 34 rhinos into the wild, and today it is seen as one of Africa’s conservation miracles.

Watamu Turtle Watch in Kenya

Watamu Turtle Watch and the Local Ocean Trust are dedicated to improving the marine environment, and making the water and coast habitable for wildlife species such as the hawksbill turtle, an animal that has been listed as Critically Endangered. The programmes by Watamu Turtle Watch include practical conservation, community involvement, education for children, research and environmental campaigning.

Save the Elephants: Samburu National Reserve

Another conservation project to keep an eye on in Kenya is the elephant conservation programme taking place at Samburu National Reserve. In 2015, the reserve teamed up with Google to create ‘Story Spheres’ in order to turn the park into Kenya’s first destination that could welcome virtual visitors via Street View.

The Save the Elephants foundation works to support and conserve the park’s growing elephant families. And it also initiates anti-poaching and anti-trafficking, including a programme that focuses on turning poachers into gamekeepers.

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation

The Great Barrier Reef (in Australia) is the world’s largest coral reef. But in just a few short decades, the coral has deteriorated by more than 50%. Its decline has been happening at a shocking rate, and this foundation aims to restore it through conservation and ocean cleaning. One of the ways that the charity works to reach wider audiences is to collaborate with brands in order to create awareness.

Panda Conservation in Chengdu, China

One of the most important conservation projects in the world is the reintroduction of the Giant Panda. After years of hard work from conservationists, scientists and researchers, the panda has bounced back from the brink of extinction. There are roughly 1864 pandas now living in the wild according to China’s Fourth National Giant Panda Survey, and the species has been taken off the ‘endangered’ list.

Conservation efforts have been aggressive since the WWF signed an agreement with China in 1979, and the work has paid off with the animal’s status now being changed to ‘vulnerable’.

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