Escape from the wilderness…to Funzi Keys

If you’re visiting Kenya for a holiday, you will most likely be taking a safari trip at some point to see the reserves & parks that the country offers.

Kenya is of course known for some of the largest and most wildlife-rich parks in the world, making it the ideal destination for anyone looking for a blend of expedition and relaxation.

Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks are the largest in the country and are steeped with the famous safari animals we all know and love.

The Maasai Mara Reserve is also in Kenya, where some of the big cats can be found. This is perhaps one of the best known National Parks in the world, and tourists flock here for the trip of their life.

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If you’re going to Kenya though, you might be looking to get away from a busy life or experience a change in pace by relaxing and exploring what else the country has to offer. The white sandy beaches of Kenya are often forgotten, with so many people focusing on the wildlife of the country.

The beaches and resorts are some of the finest in the world, and taking a break from your safari adventures can be a relaxing and holiday-enriching experience.

The Funzi Keys are one of the best known resorts for those in search of luxury Kenya Holidays. The resort is situated on a private beach not far from Mombasa on the south eastern coast of Kenya. The nearest Reserve is the Shimba Hills National Park, known for the high concentration of elephants.

The Funzi Keys resort comprises 17 luxury cottages along the coast, made from stone and thatched roofs. The architecture and interior design has been heavily influenced by local culture and each room has been designed on an individual, boutique basis.

The feel of the resort is informal, where dining is arranged around your activities. There is of course freshly caught seafood and locally sourced fruit and vegetables to offer some of the nicest culinary experiences in Africa.

If you’re looking to break your safari holiday up, then visiting Funzi Keys is the ultimate way to unwind and relax. Boat trips up the Ramisi River can be undertaken if you want to see some impressive birds and crocodiles.

So even away from the reserves, there is still plenty of wildlife to see. The resort can also arrange deep sea fishing expeditions and scuba diving if you want to keep your stay action packed.

If your wallet is as deep as the Indian Ocean, the Funzi Keys even has a private island for sale. The island takes advantage of the transport and concierge services of the resort, but offers complete tranquility in the middle of the Ocean. You’d feel a bit more remote to continental Africa than you actually are, I’m sure.

Visiting Africa is a fantastic way to spend your holiday, whether you are looking for safari adventures in the wilderness, a cultural city break in any of the country capitals, or a relaxing break at any of the beach resorts.

If you are lucky enough to visit Kenya, then why not do both? Experience the game in any of the National Parks or Reserves, and then spend some time at a beach resort and truly indulge.

A multi-center African holiday is probably the most rewarding, yet relaxing, experiences you’ll ever have!

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