Go crazy about Kenya – An interview with Pepe Haze

Crazy About Kenya is a website featuring a group of talented musicians and artists from Africa’s wildlife capital. Earlier this year, the grassroots URL was nominated for a Travolution award under the category of Best Travel Information Website and Acacia Africa, the tour operator behind the project, regularly publicizes Nairobi based art exhibitions, poetry nights and album launches on the site’s corresponding Facebook page.

Pepe Haze, a member of the Paramedikz (second from left), is one of the many featured artists. The popular singer/songwriter is about to launch an album entitled Brainstorming and he’s here to share his love of Kenya with you readers, a major inspiration for his music…

Hi Pepe, good to have you with us – so tell me a little more about Kenya – how does it inspire you when it comes to creating new tracks?

Kenya has become a nation filled with many artistic minds. I painted this in my music and I’m now seeing the reality of that dream. I feel even more inspired to keep on pursuing my passion as a voice of change. My music is wishful thinking placed in the hands of God.

About your new album “Brainstorming”: Are there any particular destinations in Kenya that brought that into being?

Most certainly, Athi River had a huge hand in the making of the album. The easily accessible wildlife, the friendly Daystar University students and nearby residents made it real easy for me to complete this project.

Crazy About Kenya is an opportunity for the Kenyan people to share the best of their country, that said I’d love to have your take on the top three safari spots and why?

The Masai Mara remains my number one pick! Followed by Mombasa (North coast) and last but most definitely not least, Lake Nakuru. Tourism is on the rise in that region and it is definitely a breath of fresh air (y’all should check it out!)

Where’s the buzz in Nairobi, by all accounts that’s a real cultural melting pot these days, so can you give us the low-down on all the hip and happening events in the capital? 

Shows at the Bomas of Kenya, Blankets & Wine, Slam Africa and Wamathai’s Poetry events stand out! If you’re looking for content and entertainment, you won’t be disappointed.

By the way, I saw the recent video. Have you got any new projects on the go?

I am the host of Slam Africa (an event which occurs every third Friday of the month in Nairobi) and I am also working with Amplified Studios on a radio drama (Athi River based). Any interested travellers, holla! My work half of the time is to have fun, so you are most welcome to hang out with me! 🙂

Can you give adventurers the inside track on travel in your home destination – what should they bring with them to Kenya?

It’s funny you ask that. To be honest the most beautiful thing about Kenya is the fact that people really appreciate the beauty of diversity. Bring yourself, be yourself, that’s all you need. Kenyans are very loving and friendly people.

What would be the first words you’d utter to a tourist if you hooked up with them on the street, and where’s the first place you’d take them to in downtown Nairobi?

Jambo! Then we’d jump on a matatu (local bus – some to be found playing International hip-hop sounds) and I’d take them around the city so they could get an idea of how the common public live.

And finally, any “Must have” phrases for adventurers in Kenya?

“Asante” (Thank you), 
”Nakupenda” (means I love you)
, “Ntamupata Wapi Pepe?” (Where is Pepe?)

You can contact Pepe Haze online. If you want to overland or take a small group safari on the continent and make the best of the wildlife capital, click through to Acacia Africa.

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