Here’s a video of a Lion using a hippo carcass as a life raft

It’s not every day you see a lion using a hippo carcass as a life raft. The above video shows the nail-biting moment in which a big cat takes refuge on a dead hippo who had earlier collapsed in a fast-flowing river.

Thinking it had found an easy lunch after spotting the recently deceased animal, the hungry cat misjudged the ferocious current and is seen desperately clinging on to the carcass in a bid to keep its head above water.

Despite being stranded on the makeshift life raft, the lion still doesn’t waste its opportunity to take a few chunks out of the hippo and get some protein out of the ordeal.

The stunning footage was captured by French tourists travelling in the Kruger National Park in South Africa late last year.

The Mirror quote traveller Denis Wiest, who saw the action unfold with his wife Valerie.

Mr Wiest said: “We were filming from the Lower Sabie camp bridge, just above where the dead hippo was lying.

“There were two male lions close by who spotted the animal in the river.

“One of the cats lay down on the road and waited, while the second ventured out towards the hippo.

“We watched in shock as the lion tried to pick a piece of the hippo, but the carcass was very slippery and the current was really strong.”

He added: “The poor lion fell in the water and looked really distressed as the current started to pull him away.

“However he was able to swim back to the hippo and ended up climbing on top until a car with rangers arrived.”

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