How Chobe’s elephants will inspire you

If you are an elephant lover then there is no better place in the world to see these majestic and intelligent mammals than on a Botswana safari to the Chobe National Park. The Park has an estimated population of 70 000 elephants. These elephants are also very tolerant of humans as they have been protected from hunting, so they do not have any negative connotations to humans as in other parts of Africa where poaching is rife.

These huge herds put on quite a display here – trumpeting and throwing up the dust as they travel in large groups down to the waterholes, babies playing with their mothers, and cocky young bulls having a go at each other.

Watching these large grey creatures as they interact with each other – oblivious to your presence is one of the greatest wildlife experiences you could ever hope for.

Despite their large size, elephants are very graceful animals and their age old wisdom can be seen in their expressive eyes. It is as if hundreds and hundreds of years worth of knowledge have been quietly passed on through the generations – their sense of place in the world is very reassuring and will bring a sense of calm to even the most restless of souls.

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