How to communicate with animals with Anna Breytenbach – Part Two

4. At this point, I’m sure a lot of people (including myself 🙂 ) are dying to ask a specific question, and that is: How do you actually communicate with the animals/what kind of language do you use?

Do you use imagery, telepathic means? Intuition perhaps? Or some sort of “extraterrestrial” language coming from an unknown civilization? 😉

It’s a simple matter of quieting the mind and intending to connect. The animals pick that up right away, very easily. Then I send either a mental image, or a thought/sentence (not vocalized), or an emotion… whatever comes naturally. There’s no effort required on the sending side of things. Transference happens at a quantum level, in the universal language of pure energy.

5. How do our “animal friends” respond to you/how do you receive and decipher what “they” have to tell you?

Animals simply show their truths energetically, and that incoming message on my side (in its pure quantum form) gets drawn up from the unconscious/intuitive reception to my conscious mind – at which point my brain will attach a mental image, word, sensation or emotion to it. That’s already the first layer of “interpretation”, and some things can get lost in “translation.”

6. Is it possible to “guide” animals without using actual words/gestures? That is to say, can you tell them to accomplish simple tasks, and can/will they respond to your queries?

Yes, per the process above, we can ask or suggest. However, they always have their choice – as the sentient, self-determining beings they are – to agree to comply or not.

Anna’s interview continues in Part Three

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