How to end off a Botswana safari

For most folk a typical Botswana Safari consists of the Okavango Delta, The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve (Savuti) and the Chobe National Park, and for some a visit to the Kalahari Desert and then a visit to Victoria Falls as it is so close with easy access. For the purpose of this post I am going to leave out the Kalahari and Victoria Falls as Chobe is the point of focus.

Chobe is a fantastic place, however it has become so over-crowded that after the serenity of the Okavango and Linyanti it is like going from the bush back to the city.

Many years ago when I started Taga Safaris Africa I visited Chobe and it was heaven, but a few years back when I was in the area I was horrified at how over-crowded it has become with 200 bedroom hotels and the amount of boats on the river between Kasane and Elephant Bay.

One must remember that after all the game viewing one has done in the Delta and Savuti/Linyanti, Chobe will not top it but there is a way to have a different experience that will only add value to your safari and that is to go on a safari boat. It is a totally different experience and one which allows to view the animals in a totally different way, especially the Elephants from the river. Here is a video to show what I am talking about. ENJOY!


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