How to interact with Africa’s wildlife?

Africa is the best place on Earth to disconnect from the modern lifestyle, spend time in the wild, and interact with animals. As avid technology fanatics, running away to a destination without Wi-Fi can be “terrifying”. But it can also be rewarding.

Travel spots surrounded by national parks, beautiful animals, mountain tops, and endless rivers and waterfalls, are in high demand these days. Increasingly more travelers choose to explore itineraries that are rugged, off-the-beaten path, and unusual.

We want to explore the unexplorable, try the unthinkable, and make the most of our free time before getting back to our reality. Africa is the destination you should cross check off your list. Here are some of the best destinations where you can get a first hands experience of the wildlife.

Kenya & Botswana

Kenya’s Tsavo National Park is home to some of the most beautiful elephants. Travellers can interact with them at the Daphne Sheldrick Orphanage (in Nairobi), where professionals constantly make sure they exercise and are well taken care of. These amazing animals might seem a little intimidating because of their size. But they can be extremely social.

There’s another elephant orphanage in Botswana, at the Abu Camp in the Okavango Delta. Watch the caregivers give them a bath. The show is absolutely memorable!

Travellers fond of the alluring giraffe should check out the Giraffe Manor in Kenya. Giraffes are gentle, graceful, yet rather imposing animals. The manor breeds them with extreme care, and the experience helps travelers get a more intimate interaction with Africa’s wildlife.

Loosen up and disconnect yourself just a bit from your ordinary lifestyle, and head to the manor to admire the giraffes. It shouldn’t surprise you to see their heads pop up at the manor’s dining room. Feel free to give them a treat: you’ll become instant best friends!


The AfriCat Foundation of Namibia is famous worldwide. The wild sanctuary, education and research facility provides rehabilitation ground for predators like lions, wild dogs, cheetahs and leopards. While visitors are not allowed physical interaction with these large carnivores, you can admire them as much as you want from a distance. Visits to AfriCat’s Day Centre can also be organized to observe some of the program’s work, and learn more about these fascinating animals!

South Africa

No visit to Africa is complete without South Africa. The Whale Coast is famous for its whale-watching activities. Visit in August to admire the whale migration and enjoy the show. Be there early in the morning or in the afternoon, when the ocean reflects in direct sunlight. The area is also home to lots of fishing villages, where you can meet the locals and get to know more about their fascinating marine environment.

Uganda, Rwanda & Congo

These three territories are perfect for travelers fond of wild gorillas. Gorilla treks in particular, are extremely popular activities. The safari experiences take tourists throughout the rainforest habitats where you can walk the footpaths of these amazing animals.

However, you are not permitted to get too close to them as they’re extremely sensitive to human health conditions. The Congolese rainforest is a must-see. The natural surroundings and wild vegetation will make your trip to Congo unique in every sense of the word.

Marine turtle watching

We saved the best for last: the marine turtle watching experience. This mesmerizing activity will exceed all your expectations. All you have to do is wait patiently for baby turtles to hatch and populate Africa’s beaches.

They’re best seen on the Indian Ocean coastline, off territories like Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Seychelles or South Africa. These beaches are home to several species of marine turtles, including the green turtle (pictured), hawksbill, leatherback, olive ridley, and loggerhead.

Interacting with Africa’s wildlife is an activity you can’t miss out on. Today’s modern travelers don’t want to travel to Paris or Venice anymore. We’ve started hunting for more thrilling and unique destinations, and Africa is one of them.

Take a risk this summer season, and head to one of the world’s wildest and most inspiring place on Earth. Make it unique, and enjoy the experience to the fullest. It’s not like you can afford to come here every year!

By Alfred Stallion and!

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