How to take great photographs every time on your holiday

With summer fast approaching, millions of Britons will soon be jetting off on holidays all over the world, and from the idyllic beaches of Africa to the stunning French countryside, there’s plenty of amazing destinations to choose from.

A mark of a good holiday is the wealth of pictures you bring back, however we all know how easily it is to ruin a well-timed snap (a stray finger over the flash comes to mind).

We’ve put together this guide on how to take great photographs on holiday so you can enjoy flicking back through your pictures instead of deleting them!

Proper Preparation

Before you depart for your destination, why not research the local attractions. Not only will this help you to get a grasp of the must-visit monuments before you arrive, but it will also allow you to devise the perfect backdrop for your photograph!

Take an African safari for example; whether you’re travelling with your family, friends or loved ones, the perfect picture really can make your holiday experience last forever.


These days, even cameras in the lower price ranges come with a selection of filters, so there’s plenty of opportunity to further enhance your photos – especially when it comes to animals!

Although there are many elements of photography that only professionals will know how to properly utilise, that doesn’t mean that the average Joe can’t take a great picture.

If you would rather use your smartphone instead of taking a dedicated camera with you on holiday, filters also come as standard on many apps such as Instagram and Text Camera.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

Sometimes, the perfect holiday picture is a snap of yourself, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when taking the photograph.

Although ‘selfies’ are all the rage, it is very hard to take one of high quality (or when you’re on an African Safari!) especially if you’re trying to incorporate a beautiful backdrop behind you.

Ask a guide or another tourist to help you out with your picture, as they could be having the same problem.

Clean and Clear Images

Images can be easily ruined if there’s too much going on in the foreground or background, so don’t try and include everything in the frame.

The perfect photograph will highlight the features of the backdrop or of the individual or landscape you’re focusing on, so don’t detract from this by squeezing in too many other eye-catching elements.

Make the Most of the Light

As professional photographers will know, the best light for photography is just after sunrise and just before sunset. There’s no need to rush about looking for the perfect picture location as soon as you arrive; scout out the area, because you’ll find that many places will look completely different in the evening compared to early morning.

If you use the light correctly, you really will be able to create some amazing photographs!


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