Inspired by Africa: wildlife off the beaten track

Luxury family holidays don’t have to entail spending time in typical tourist destinations. Adventurous and active families have been making memories by booking holidays such as a Botswana safari and exploring the back country of Africa.

If you are looking for a travel experience that you and your family will remember for the rest of your lives, consider taking a holiday to Africa to see the continent’s magnificent wildlife and the amazing natural beauty of the landscape.

Family bonding comes easily while experiencing the wonders of a Tanzania Safari. Viewing wildlife in its own habitat is one of the most fascinating experiences that anyone can ever have.

Those with families who are looking for options for luxury family holidays frequently aren’t aware that many African safaris are designed with family fun in mind.

Wildlife that you can expect to see on a Botswana safari includes elephants, zebras and other large herbivores. More elephants are found in this country than in any other part of the world, so participants in a Botswana safari have an excellent chance of seeing elephants during their visit.

Most well-known African animals are seen with frequency in Botswana. The excellent conservation program here has kept the animals protected from poachers and other threats to their existence.

Altogether, 164 species of mammals can be found in Botswana as well as 550 species of birds. Flamingos, ostriches and African jacanas are among the birds that are frequently seen on the plains of Botswana.

Those who opt for a Tanzania safari will also be delighted with the abundance of wildlife. Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is one of the best places on the planet to see lions in their natural habitat.

Over 1,000 species of birds live in Tanzania along with packs of hyenas and wild dogs. Bands of chimpanzees are also frequently spotted by those on a Tanzania Safari. Over four million wild animals roam Tanzanian forests and plains.

One of the greatest benefits of choosing an African safari when it comes time to plan luxury family holidays is that the photographs and other mementos derived from the trip will be cherished for a lifetime by safari participants.

Average holidays are quickly forgotten, but safaris tend to remain on the minds of those who have enjoyed them long after they board the airplane for home.

If you’re looking for something fun and fascinating that will thrill every member of your family, you should give serious thought to going on a family safari to either Tanzania or Botswana booked in confidence with a reputable family safari tour operator.

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