Is it a miracle? Zambian pastor ‘turns water into petrol’

A church preacher in Zambia shocked his congregation by seemingly turning water into petrol on Sunday (June 14). In a less than trustworthy video uploaded to Youtube, self-proclaimed Kitwe prophet Dr. Emmanuel Nyirongo can be observed transforming the clear liquid inside a sealed mineral water bottle into flammable petrol.

Kitwe is turning into a hotbed for water-based ‘miracles’, with another pastor in the area recently being filmed supposedly turning water into wine.

To us, it looks like he’s pouring lemonade into a glass but Apostle Alex Chama Mwaba’s audience seem pretty convinced by the performance.

Munalula Munalula, who blogs at Zed Corner, expressed his sardonic bewilderment at the pastors’ choice of miracles.

Kitwe seems to be the home of all miracles now and is it me or all these “Prophets’” can only do water miracles? Whats with the water miracles? Can’t we have a little diversity with these miracles for crying out loud? How about making a few thousand Kwachas rain?

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