Kevin Richardson: the lion whisperer

Jambo rafiki! šŸ™‚

IĀ have two cats at home: Plummy, an 11 year old femaleĀ nicknamed “fat cat” by a lot of people lol; and Tchoupi, a happy-go-lucky youngster that plays around day and night! Rightfully so, IĀ consider them as my pets!

What you’re about to see however, are no ordinary cats. Nor can they be considered as pets: they’reĀ African lions!

Yet for Kevin Richardson, the lions that he interacts with can almost be considered as “his” pets. This incredible animal behaviorist has such an extraordinary complicity with them, and has been working with lions for over 11 years. Today, he is a proud owner of a private game reserve not far from Johannesburg, and a “pride member” of 38 lions! šŸ™‚

The images speak for themselves: absolutely fascinating!

Enjoy! šŸ˜‰

  • Lion Play Time with Kevin Richardson

Broadcaster: AssociatedPress

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