Kiswahili and the use of ‘Ni’ (Part 2)

Continuing on from the first lesson here’s more uses of ‘ni‘.

When generally referring to location, we also use this very important suffix. In other words it can be used as a preposition as in:

i) I am going to the market= ninaenda sokoni

ii) I am at the market= nipo sokoni

iii) There are many things inside the market= mna vitu vingi sokoni


And just to finish off on ‘ni’, one last use is as an equivalent of the verb ‘to be’:

i) It is I= ni mimi

i) I am a tourist= mimi ni mtalii

ii) We are students of Swahili= sisi ni wanafunzi wa Kiswahili

And just to translate the words in the picture above, they read, “change is me, is you, is us”-powerful message I say!

To wrap up, there are many uses of ‘ni’ so one has to be careful when figuring out exactly what a person means when they use it or when you want to show off your skills by incorporating it in a sentence!

And with that we are done with the many uses of ‘ni’ and inshallah, I will be back soon with a brand new lesson.

Yours Truly…

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