Lake Malawi splendour: Kande Beach

Lake Malawi is a paradise for swimmers, divers and  water sports enthusiasts. Kande Beach, in particular, is a local favorite for campers and overlanders.

You’ll be enthralled by the warm atmosphere and vibrant night life this wonderful resort has to offer.

Here’s a sneak peak of my recent stay there. Enjoy! 😉

Lake Malawi in Numbers

– Lake Malawi is the third largest lake in Africa, and the eighth in the world.

– It is the second deepest lake on the Old continent, just behind Lake Tanganyika.

– Sometimes referred to as “Lake Nyasa” (or Lake Nyassa/Lake Niassa), the water body is home to the largest number of fish species (500-1,000) of any lake in the world.

– Lake Malawi contains 30% of all known cichlid species on the planet.

– All but 5 of over 350 species of cichlid fish are endemic to the country.

Clouds of “Lake Flies” (Chaoborus edulis)

This amazing phenomenon happens on a monthly basis (near the time of the new moon) as the flies, known as “Nkhungu” in local language, hatch from the lake. Due to their very short lifespan (only a few hours), they gather in swarms to reproduce and lay eggs.

Lake flies are a local delicacy and people catch them with damp wicker baskets or special nets. They then pat them into cakes (called “Kungu”) or eat them deep fried. Kungu is extremely rich in protein and calcium.

One of the common names for these flies is “phantom midges”, due to their menacing structure when in flight. The black clouds literally contain millions (if not billions) of these intriguing insects.

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