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The lions of Hwange continue to keep us enthralled with their movements. Mike and Marian report back on their recent visit… [...]

Leopard Drinking


African Parks: the NGO that is changing the game

African Parks is an NGO on an epic journey towards a better future for wildlife in Malawi. Read more › The post African Parks: the NGO that is changing the [...]

So long and thanks for all the catfish!

A catfish relocation turns into a game of stuck in the mud at Jaci’s Lodges. Read more › The post So long and thanks for all the catfish! appeared first [...]

EAT. SLEEP. REPEAT. #AskMeg | The Lion Whisperer


Idube Safari Highlights #453: 13 – 19 January 2017 (Latest Sightings) (4K Video)


Twin genet kittens play in front of guests

Our afternoon game drive started with a hunt for cheetah. Earlier on in the day I had picked up tracks of a male Cheetah moving along the fence line, no [...]

Why Zimbabwe is the perfect destination for walking safaris

Zimbabwe, wedged between Botswana and Mozambique, is a dream destination for walking safaris. Read more › The post Why Zimbabwe is the perfect destination for walking safaris appeared first on [...]

Why low season is the best time to visit East Africa

The Travel Industry can be a cruel beast. One month you’re booked solid and can’t find a leopard up a tree without being swarmed by other safari vehicles and the [...]

Conservation: ordinary people doing extraordinary things

All Captured In Africa Foundation supporters have made, and continue to make, an extraordinary difference. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, how old you are or what [...]

Meet Rob and Ingrid Baas, GMs of Bisate Lodge

Kate Collins chats to Rob and Ingrid Baas, incoming General Managers for our newest lodge Bisate in Rwanda. Our Zambian and Namibian guests might recall meeting them in the Kafue [...]

Watching Hyenas Again! Part 2


Dreaming Big: The Case for An Entrepreneurial African Culture

While surfing the web the other day, I came across an interesting story. Two young, hopeful, college-aged Africans entered into an entrepreneurial contest and went on to win some money [...]

Endangered African penguins stuck in ecological trap due to overfishing

New research indicates that juvenile African penguins are continuously foraging in areas of low food availability due to climate change and overfishing. The research conducted by an international group of [...]

Elgin and Hermanus: road trip into the Cape Overberg

​By Roxanne Reid. When last did you go online to book a little getaway? And which accommodation aggregator did you use? I’ve just used Accommodation Direct for the first time [...]

Idube Safari Highlights #452: 08 – 12 January 2017 (Latest Sightings) (4K Video)


Majingilane Roaring- Londolozi TV


Back to Basics: ISO

So we are comfortable with the numbers on the front of our lens, we understand what aperture is and how we can use it creatively, we are able to use [...]

Male Leopard Roaring


The African Story Must Be Told To African Americans

Promoting unity among Africans and African Americans The African Diaspora, an interconnected blood line of history, legacy, family, lost and found loves and endangered unification. The connection between African Americans [...]