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cc image via Albert Gonzalez Farran, UNAMID Illegal dumping of waste in public areas, otherwise known as fly tipping, is becoming a bigger and bigger problem worldwide. Despite the increased range of available options for [...]

African Wild Dogs Playing In The Sun


Safari Highlights #480: 06 – 10 August 2017 (Latest Sightings) (4K Video)


The Camera Thief

After working for a couple of years in the bush I was fortunate to visit New York on one of my leave cycles. I had been saving up to buy [...]

Bloemhof-Karoo guesthouse near Richmond, Karoo

By Roxanne Reid. I hopped out of the car to open a gate and found sheep waiting to welcome us to their patch of Karoo. The wind whipped the sand across [...]

African Painted Wolves Play At Sunset (Introduced By Kelly Kikx)


Cheetah Kills Impala That It Chased Into Car


Do You Look Up?

Too many times on safari I’ve noticed people racing around day and night to view the big game species. Yes sure this is the main reason for going on safari [...]

Collection of Best Images- Londolozi TV


How to Use the Radial Filter in Lightroom – Londolozi TV


Top 5 favourite national parks in South Africa

By Roxanne Reid. Since the publication of my book A Walk in the Park: travels in & around South Africa’s national parks, people often ask which are my top 5 favourite national parks [...]

Lovely White Rhino Calf Playing In Africa


Daughters Of The Mapogo Lions – Rebuilding The Othawa Pride – 166: Cub In A Tree (And More!)


Meet The ELEPHANTS | The Lion Whisperer


Safari Highlights #479: 01 – 05 August 2017 (Latest Sightings) (4K Video)


San Ambroso chapel in the Knysna forest, Garden Route

By Roxanne Reid. Did you know there’s a pocket of Italian history tucked deep in the forests near Knysna? Take a road trip to the little San Ambroso chapel in [...]

Lion Bites Tire Causing it to Explode


Hyena Steals Still Living Impala Kill From Leopard – Londolozi TV


Southern African Wildlife College Learner Certification Ceremony

Lisa Witherden attended this year’s Learner Certification Ceremony in Hoedspruit where Children in the Wilderness students were awarded for their course work at the Southern African Wildlife College. [...]

“Fake News” and Internet Shutdowns in Africa – What is to be Done?

In 2016 after attending my first Re:publica, a techie conference in Berlin, I wrote of a need for Africa to have what I called a “collective thinking space” where like-minded [...]