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Top 5 African wildlife channels on YouTube

Jambo, rafiki. If you’re anything like me, African wildlife has always held a special place in your heart. While the web cannot replace real interaction with the wilderness, some of [...]

Qorokwe – A Place Where Giants Once Roamed

Described as a land so wild even roads seem a luxury, Qorokwe remains a mystery as I dig deeper into its soul. I take the opportunity to explore and my [...]

Safari Highlights #478: 26 – 31 July 2017 (Latest Sightings) (4K Video)


The Beautiful And Rare Painted Wolf Of Africa (Presented By Liaan Lategan)


Mongoose Uses Snake as a Swing


Branding Techniques for African University Students

“By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed.” Ashanti proverb Competition is tough, the fields of study in higher education need to be mapped out because competition [...]

Magnificent African Lion Drinking At Night Time


Powerful African Lion Roaring At Night


That was a close one! | The Lion Whisperer


Appreciating the smaller sightings on safari

While it’s much easier to spot plains game than it is a leopard, sometimes it pays off to spend a little while ‘smelling the roses’ and observing the smaller things [...]

Heaven in a Plain of Grass

Our Social Media Administrator, Jo Bestic, regularly shares extraordinary updates from Kafue National Park’s undiscovered safari gem: Busanga Plains. Last week she popped in to experience the magic for herself. [...]

Leopard with 3 Cubs – Londolozi TV


Samara Karoo: follow cheetah and aardvark on foot

​By Roxanne Reid. Imagine tracking cheetahs and being able to sneak quietly closer on foot with your guide. Imagine being able to follow an aardvark in broad daylight, walking behind [...]

Reasons Not to Travel to Southern Africa

If you’re thinking of coming to Southern Africa on safari, there are a few things you should probably know before you book your tickets. [...]

Leopard surprises impala with a quick kill

“As a few unsuspecting buck pass by this incredibly well-camouflaged predator, one of them is about to meet a fateful end.” [...]

360 VR Video of ADDO , Nomad Africa Adventure Tours – South Africa


360 VR Video of Botswana Okavango Delta , Nomad Africa Adventure Tours


360 VR Video of Spitzkoppe, Nomad Africa Adventure Tours – Namibia


360 VR Video of Desert Explorer, Nomad Africa Adventure Tours – Namibia