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What is metering? Metering is how your camera determines what the correct shutter speed and/or aperture should be, depending on the amount of light that goes into the camera and the sensitivity of the sensor. Every modern [...]

A day at the Office at Jacis Lodge in Madikwe

Four o’clock and the alarms sets off… it is still pitch dark and in the distance I can hear the two male lions we saw last night roaring. As I [...]

Rhino Calf Rescue

When you go through all the effort of relocating a breeding nucleus of a critically endangered species, it follows that you would pull out all the stops to try and [...]

Watching Hyenas Again! Part 1


Huge Crocodile Dragging Kill Over the Road


Thali Thali: West Coast getaway an hour from Cape Town

By Roxanne Reid. It used to be a cattle farm. Then it reinvented itself as a game and fynbos reserve in 2011. I’m talking about Thali Thali Game Lodge, a West [...]

Children from Three Nations Come Together

As part of our giving-back efforts in the communities we work with during the Nedbank Tour de Tuli, Children in the Wilderness CITW hosted its second annual Tri-Nations at Mapungubwe [...]

Africans Can Learn from WordCamps

Josh, Prof. Jackson, Jon Attending WordCampUSA Philly was a great opportunity to join over 1800 bloggers, developers, programmers, users and even educators. Joining together to learn, share, and collaborate on [...]

Elephants Swimming – Londolozi TV


The Final Goodbye | The Lion Whisperer


5 key principles to becoming a better photographer in 2017

How do we better our photography? What is the general thought process before heading out into the field? Do we even have a thought process? What are we doing to [...]

Africans Are Developing The Art of Writing and Blogging

As an instructor in the College of Education and Urban Studies at Edward Waters College, the instructional goal is to reach students to make learning relevant, engaging, fun and helping [...]

The Battle between the impala and python

An early morning game drive delivered an incredible sighting for Kings Pool guests who came across a python in the process of strangling a young impala ram. [...]

7 things to do at Blackwaters River Lodge, Garden Route

​By Roxanne Reid. Everyone knows the Garden Route is beautiful. And there’s so much to do that you could pack in three activities a day for two weeks and still [...]

Symphony of the wild

Ilana Stein reflects on a night spent under open skies at Ruckomechi Camp … [...]

Five top tips to remember when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Thousands of people have climbed Kilimanjaro safely and successfully, but even the mildest route is fraught with difficulty. Read more › The post Five top tips to remember when climbing [...]

New Year’s Eve 2016 – Londolozi TV


White river rafting down the rapids of the Zambezi

I’d heard a lot about white water rafting before my stay in Zambia, everyone I talked to raved about it and the one thing they were always sure to mention [...]

Puff Adder Snakes Mating in the Road


An epic clash between two rams

An incredible clash between two Springbok rams submitted for the Insta Favorite of the Year 2017 competition! Read more › The post An epic clash between two rams appeared first on [...]