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“Quelea here, Quelea there, Quelea everywhere… While Quelea birds are common in South Africa and the world, one normally only sees the ad-hoc ‘swarm’ moving across the grasslands, but never for this amount of time [...]

The power of cropping

Whilst there is no substitute for attention to detail whilst composing a shot in the field, cropping is a powerful tool to be used in post processing. For one, it [...]

A safari addiction explained

Why does the soul long for the African Bush? What is it that keeps us returning time and time again? Africa, a continent so rich in diversity. A land of [...]

Why conservation is failing

Free roaming wildlife populations in Africa are crashing, and natural habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate. There is a war going on, and the other side is winning [...]

Finding Africa’s rarest parrot – Cape Parrots in Magoebaskloof

A birding trip into the Magoesbaskloof in Limpopo, South Africa to find Africa’s rarest parrot. Read more › The post Finding Africa’s rarest parrot – Cape Parrots in Magoebaskloof appeared [...]

Africa Speaks Digital in So Lo Mo

The ability to communicate for Africans using digital tools is important in an age of progressive digital technologies. Mobile tech has changed the way African people are communicating in their [...]

Magical Mana Pools: a photographer’s paradise

Mana Pools is definitely one of Africa’s most unique travel and photo destinations. Already many years ago, this spectacular national park in Hwange, Zimbabwe has been designated a World Heritage [...]

Lightroom, Photoshop, Whatever

I truly believe that a lot of people completely overthink their wildlife photography and this is something that is not only counterproductive to creating great images but it also creates a [...]

Mating Genets Caught on Film- Londolozi TV


How A Lion REALLY Roars! #AskMeg | The Lion Whisperer


Hunting: the colour game is over

The breeding of wildlife to produce unusually coloured animals, in the hope that hunters would pay a lot more to shoot them, has fallen flat in a spectacular manner — [...]

Lion cub petting: to ban or regulate?

Recently there has been speculation around the formulation of a new Captive Carnivores Working Group that has seen a handful of contending players join together. Read more › The post [...]

African wildlife photography – when, where, how

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at Adorama, on of the largest photography stores in NYC. It was awesome seeing a lot of regular Wild Eye clients as well [...]

Keeping it steady is key!

This might sounds a bit silly… How to hold your DSLR camera? I know many of you will be thinking this is pretty obvious and it is because you just [...]

Rare sighting: melanistic serval cat in the Serengeti

An extremely rare melanistic serval cat has been sighted in the lowland areas of the Serengeti National Park. This is a majorly significant and rare sighting, mainly because these servals [...]

A Changing Africa – African Wildlife Foundation


LondoYogi: Yoga in the wild at Londolozi

Aside from the yoga, the highlights of my stay at Londolozi, as hard as it is to choose, were the leopard sightings. Londolozi has a reputation for its leopards and [...]

Back to Basics: Autofocus

Autofocus is far more complicated and involved than most people understand. I’m going to try and keep things simple for the purposes of this series though. Essentially, Autofocus allows the [...]

The Little 5: heroes of the African bush

The Big 5, a term from the old hunting days, devoted to the 5 most dangerous animals to hunt, has been a target for the avid Safari goer since the [...]

Budget travel: 5 tips for Tanzania on a shoestring

If you’re a seasoned backpacker, you’ll know that the best things in life are free – that apricot gold sunset, that deep conversation with the stranger you shared a cab [...]