Leading NGOs, foundations and trusts involved in African wildlife and conservation

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African Wild Dogs

  • African Wild Dog Conservancy

Dedicated to protecting African wild dogs through an adaptive grassroots approach, and community-based conservation.

  • African Wild Dog – Species Survival Guide

Provides management of captive populations of African Wild Dogs by implementing guidelines and regulations for housing and breeding the African Wild Dog in captivity, and to provide support to those organizations in Africa working to stabilize the existing populations.

  • Painted Dog Conservation

Painted Dog Conservation’s mission is to protect and increase the range and numbers of painted dogs through hands on conservation, education, community involvement and international support.

Big Cats

  • Big Cats Initiative

From lions in Kenya to snow leopards in the Himalaya, the big cats of the world need help. Lions, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, and other top felines are quickly disappearing, all victims of habitat loss and degradation as well as conflicts with humans.

To address this critical situation, the National Geographic Society has launched the Big Cats Initiative, a comprehensive program that supports on-the-ground conservation projects, education, and economic incentive efforts and a global public-awareness campaign.

Initiated by Dereck and Beverly Joubert, world-renowned filmmakers and animal activists!

  • Cheetah Conservation Fund

Their vision is to see a world in which cheetahs live and flourish in co-existence with people and the environment.

  • Leopard Conservation Project

The focus of the project has primarily been to protect leopard from poaching, poisoning, trapping, and over-hunting, however in recent years focus has shifted to include the collection of data on population and territory size as well as the genetic relatedness and diversity of leopards within different regions.

  • Lion Aid

LionAid are the UK charity working globally to save lions and end the decline of wild lion populations.

  • Lion Conservation Fund

The Lion Conservation Fund (LCF) supports projects that will determine the distribution and abundance of African lions in areas of great global conservation importance.


  • Elephant Voices

To inspire wonder in the intelligence, complexity and voices of elephants, and to secure a kinder future for them through research and the sharing of knowledge.

  • International Elephant Foundation

The mission of the IEF is to support and operate elephant conservation and education programs both in managed facilities and in the wild, with emphasis on management, protection and scientific research.

  • Pachyderm Power

Protecting elephants from abuse and poaching.

  • Save the Elephants

To secure a future for elephants and sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of the places they live, to promote man’s delight in their intelligence and the diversity of their world, and to develop a tolerant relationship between the two species.

  • The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

A lifetime dedicated to the protection and preservation of Africa’s Wilderness and its denizens, particularly endangered species such as elephants and Black Rhino.

General Foundations, Projects and Wildlife Trusts

  • African Conservation Foundation

The African Conservation Foundation is working towards the protection and conservation of Africa’s endangered wildlife and their habitats.

  • African Parks Foundation

The first private park management institution in Africa that takes on the actual long-term management responsibility of parks, in public-private partnerships with Governments, by combining world class conservation practice with business expertise.

  • African Wildlife Foundation

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is the leading international conservation organization focused solely on Africa.


  • East African Wild Life Society

The East African Wild Life Society (EAWLS) has been at the forefront of efforts to protect endangered, rare or threatened species and habitats in East Africa.

  • Great Plains Conservation

Great Plains is an initiative to help stem the downward spiral of the environment and do something proactive today, by applying what we know best. While the project is also involved in Asia, its African initiatives revolve around three species; mountain gorillas, lions and elephants.

  • Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy works as a catalyst for the conservation of wildlife and its habitat. It does this through the protection and management of species, the initiation and support of community conservation and development programmes, and the education of neighbouring areas in the value of wildlife.

  • Mapa Project

The MAPA Project will make Africa’s conservation areas more visible, accessible and secure by creating a digital archive of the boundaries, roads and infrastructure for over 1,000 conservation areas.


Nanofasa works to protect the last wild zone in Namibia, and the home of giant trees, endangered wildlife, and last but not least the ancient San tribe.

  • Okapi Conservation

The Okapi Conservation Project (OCP) was initiated in 1987 with the objective of eliciting support for the conservation of the wild okapi from individuals, foundations and zoological institutions managing okapi around the world.

  • Tashinga Initiative

This proposal defines support to the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority’s current protection and management programme in the Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe.

  • Tusk Trust

Tusk’s range of over 40 different field projects is intended not only to protect wildlife, particularly endangered species, but also to help alleviate poverty, through sustainable development and education amongst rural communities who live alongside wildlife.

  • Wildlife Direct

Wildlife Direct’s Mission is Twofold:

  1. To give those who care about wildlife the opportunity to follow day-to-day activities on the ground, to provide support to initiatives of their choice and to read about the actual results that their donations have enabled.
  2. To give a voice to frontline conservationists through



  • Zambezi Society

The Zambezi Society is the ONLY conservation group devoted solely to looking after the Zambezi, the finest and wildest river in Africa.

Primates: Great Apes & Monkeys

  • Colobus Conservation

The Colobus Conservation is a conservation organization designed to promote the conservation, preservation and protection of primates like the rare Angolan Colobus monkey (Colobus angolensis palliatus) and its coastal forest habitat in southern Kenya.

  • Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International is dedicated to the conservation and protection of gorillas and their habitats in Africa.

  • Friends of Bonobos

Friends of Bonobos is an American charity that supports Lola ya Bonobo, the sanctuary of the NGO, “Les Amis des Bonobos”.


  • Friend a Gorilla

Friend a gorilla is an initiative by UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority), to promote and educate the world about Uganda’s mountain gorillas.

  • Gorilla Organization

International charity led by experienced African conservationists dedicated to saving the world’s last remaining gorillas from extinction.

  • Handshake

Handshake aims to help raise awareness of African primate sanctuaries and conservation programs by harnessing the latest communications and multimedia technologies to highlight and broadcast their work to a local and global audience.

Volunteers Needed!

  • Project Primate

Project Primate Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of chimpanzees, chiefly through the support and rehabilitation of chimpanzees who have been orphaned or otherwise taken from the wild, and through local public education.


  • Save the Rhino International

Save the Rhino works to conserve viable populations of critically endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia. They recognise that the future of wildlife is inextricably linked to the communities that share its habitat.

Volunteer Projects

  • African Conservation Experience

African Conservation Experience  has been sending volunteers to Africa for over a decade and is the original, most experienced organisation for conservation placements in Southern Africa.

  • African Impact

Africa’s top on-the-ground facilitator of volunteer work Africa.

Big cat conservation, black rhino and elephant conservation, and so much more!

  • Enkosini Eco Experience

Enkosini Eco Experience offers self-funding volunteers a unique opportunity to work at some of Southern Africa’s leading wildlife conservation, rehabilitation and research projects.

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  1. niilantei December 10, 2009 at 6:07 pm #

    The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund does really great work. Here's Sigourney Weaver's message about the importance of supporting their great work!

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