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Jambo rafiki! 🙂

If you’ve browsed our Africa Freak website lately, you may have noticed some substantial changes. We’ve put a lot of effort to redesign the entire structure, and have adapted our course of action based on the feedback we received.

We hope you find these changes useful, and invite your continuous evaluation so we can keep improving our services.

So what exactly has changed?

Pretty much everything! 😉 Let me give you a flavour of our new direction, and what exactly we’ve been working on.

Here we go! 🙂

New logo

I must admit I really loved the old logo. Yet I wanted something simpler and effective at the same time.


The end result is much more modern, with just a little African touch that makes the difference.

New Africa Freak logo After

What do you think?

Different look and feel

I won’t elaborate too much on the details, but overall both the look and user experience have been completely rethought.

The homepage, for instance, now features content in a more visual fashion, and you can easily consult the latest news.

Also, content has been reorganized in 6 major categories: Safaris, Wildlife, People, Interests (such as business, culture, photography, tech, travel, etc.), News, and Other (for everything else).

Mission statement

What we realized over the years is that there’s already a lot of great Africa-related content out there, yet it can be a real challenge to know where or how to find it. As Ryan Deiss puts it:

“The world does NOT need more information. Instead, what the world needs (and values) is a trusted authority who will organize and aggregate all the GOOD information that’s actually worth reading into one place.”

This is where Africa Freak comes in, as from now on our new mission is to help people to “discover and share great content about Africa”. Whether it’s niche-related articles, relevant videos or stunning images, we’ll do our utmost to bring you the very best of what Africa has to offer!

The real question is: “are you in”???

Additional functionality

In our latest survey, one of the questions we asked concerned the type of content (personalized or preset topics) and additional functionality. The results show that the great majority of you prefer personalized topics, and over 62% have a great interest in a “personalized news feed” (that delivers content tailored to one’s needs). We’ll definitely incorporate this in the near future (perhaps through an application), but in the meantime we have tweaked our system so you get to filter information based on what you’re looking for.

Here’s how the current system works…

When you go to our homepage, you’ll see two main featured areas. While the top part promotes in-house articles, the “Latest news” area aggregates content from around the web.

Once you’re on the Latest news page, you’ll find some filters on the top right of your screen. Presently you can choose from articles and videos, but we are hoping to add other options for images and maybe even social media-related content.

In the Articles options, all the content is initially displayed. Choose the Africa Freak filter for Africa Freak’s own content, or “On the web” for aggregated content from other websites.

Africa Freak’s aggregator is called the Afrigator, which collects Africa news sources and stories from around the web.

Join our community

On Africa Freak, not only can you discover great content about Africa, but you are also encouraged to create and share Africa-related content with the world. We’re currently opening up our platform to other selected contributors whose work, vocation or lifestyle we find interesting.

We are looking to connect, support and engage with everyone who lives in, has a stake in or is interested in Africa; Africa-based businesses, creatives, individuals and experts, whether they’re from Africa or the wider global diaspora, to create the definitive home for African news and culture on the web.



Have your say

Here’s an opportunity to give your opinion on how we can improve our service further. Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below.

“Asante sana” (thank you very much)! 😉

Michael aka “Africa Freak”.

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