Manyara, Tanzania – big game

A Tanzania safari in Manyara is an experience you will cherish forever. For a relatively small area at 125 square miles its diversity rivals any other region in Africa. The land diversity as well as animal and plant life diversity has made this area a favorite of safari goers who revisit often.

The combination of steep mountainsides, valleys and the Rift Valley soda lake make this one of the most interesting displays of terrain in all of Africa! The unique landscape is home to all sorts of animals and plant life. There are even hot springs in the area and a ground water forest.

Majestic View of Lake Manyara (GNU Free Licence)

Lake Manyara is probably most famous for the fact that the park was put aside for the preservation of elephant herds. In fact, the area is well known for its elephants and tree climbing lions. You heard me right! Tree climbing lions make the region their home. No safari in Africa can be complete without seeing a lion or two!

There are also some other truly African animals that live in Manyara. For instance, you can expect to see vervet and blue monkeys (a species of guenon), Impala and Maasai giraffe. All of these species are now protected but years ago the region was a favorite of big game hunters. Ernest Hemingway was inspired by the vastness of game and verdant landscape and wrote the book The Green Hills of Africa based on the area.

If you are a bird person then Manyara is definitely for you. For anyone who sets their safari holidays around looking for birds the park is an absolute paradise. There are more than 400 species of birds, more than most areas of Tanzania.

You can expect to see all manner of waterfowl, migrants and, last but not least, the elegant flamingos! This is one of the best kept birding secrets in Tanzania and indeed all of Africa and should be a part of anyone’s safari travel vacation.

Flamingo ballet!

Manyara is undeniably a great place to see everything African. This Africa safari promises lounging lions hanging out in trees, elephants galore, monkeys, giraffes and Impalas, …and so much more! It’s like living your own National Geographic TV show! Except you will be the star, with some very wild co stars lol!

Certainly a trip to this region of the continent will provide you with stories and adventures you will not soon forget or be able to recreate anywhere else in the world.

Fun, excitement and memories lie in wait for all! Enjoy! 🙂

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