Meandering through the Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta Video Highlights

What is the Okavango?

The Okavango is a delta, a landform that initiates at the mouth of a river (in this case the “Okavango River”). Typically, deltas end up in the ocean or a lake.

The Okavango Delta is somewhat different nevertheless. In fact, it is known as the largest “inland” delta in the world as it empties itself in the Kalahari desert.

How Vast is the Okavango Delta?

The Okavango Delta has an estimated total area of 15-18,000 sq. km.

When is it the Best Time of the Year to Visit the Delta?

The delta is accessible all year round although you may want to avoid December-March (as this is when most of the rain falls). We actually experienced a heavy thunderstorm while on an afternoon mokoro cruise; not the best of feelings trust me! 🙂

For wildlife viewing, the dry winter months of June and August are most prolific. This is when the water levels are at their highest and the swollen delta attracts wildlife from kilometers around.

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