Must-see attractions in Ethiopia

Bahir Dar Murals.

When you think of luxury destinations for a holiday, you traditionally think of a European capital city such as Paris, France, or a Caribbean island like Jamaica. However, Ethiopia holidays offer you a bevy of cultural and natural wonders with the latest luxury amenities to make it your next port of call.


Set on a powerful landscape, Ethiopia features a bevy of rich historical landmarks and unique cultural traditions. As a centre of civilization abounding with ruins, tombs and obelisks, Ethiopia is to the ancient African world what Greece is to Western antiquity.

The Medieval castles of Gondar.

The cool walls of the Lalibela rock churches as well as the historic cities of Gondar and Axum offer an enriching portal into the nation’s past. In addition, the local minstrels called azmaris provide charming entertainment.


We would also recommend making a trip up to the Highlands of the nation. This area also known as the Roof of Africa abounds with a vast area of grassy plains, wooded valleys and striking peaks. The elevation levels of this area rarely fall below 1,500 meters and its highest points exceed this level greatly.

The Simien Mountains.

In addition, you may visit the uncanny and glorious Danakil Depression. This tectonic hotbed lies 100 meters below the surface of the sea. We recommend booking your Ethiopia experience with a reputable and trusted tour operator such as Rainbow Tours, based in the UK.

Tribal Culture and Wildlife

In south-western Ethiopia, the Omo Valley is home to the pastoralist tribes that have existed by the Omo River for centuries. Moreover, the Mursi, Suri, Hamar and Nyangatom tribes occupy this region in the Great Rift Valley. Ethiopia holiday makers have the opportunity to tour some of the indigenous villages to further understand the tribal culture.

Also, Ethiopia’s wildlife features an array of exotic animals that inspire wonder. From zebras and ostriches to crocodiles and flamingos, Nechisar National Park boasts an eclectic mix of animals native to East Africa.

Addis Ababa

As Ethiopia’s cosmopolitan capital and Africa’s fourth largest city, Addis Ababa offers you an energetic atmosphere with a moderate climate as well as interesting cultural institutions and fine hotels and restaurants.

The Ethiopian National Museum in Addis Ababa, the continent’s highest capital city in terms of elevation, offers you the opportunity to meet Lucy, the 3.2 million-year-old skeletal remains of one of the world’s oldest hominids ever found.

Medham Alem Cathedral.

In addition, the Ethnological Museum exhibits a bevy of important artefacts, religious icons as well as scrolls and tribal crafts.

Ethiopia holidays offer you the cultural richness and luxury often associated with European holidays or exclusive Caribbean cruises. Come to Ethiopia to be surprised and to enjoy the richness of a historic East African nation certain to inspire you to return time and again.

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