My first safari game drive

I remember my first safari game drive. I was on my first overland trip in Africa at the time and we were a few days into the adventure. It was the day I got my first true taste of Africa. I’d arrived in Namibia and we were heading to Etosha National Park. The drive was filled with wildlife surprises. Warthogs, donkeys, wildebeest and giraffes were either in the middle of the tarred road or mere metres from the road’s edge.

A Martial Eagle – the first predator bird I saw on safari.

Excitement filled the overland truck as we entered Etosha. Everyone who owned a fancy lens had it screwed on, ready for action. On our way to the popular watering hole of Okaukuejo, we spotted almost every kind of buck – springbok, steenbok, impala and sable. We spotted wildebeest, eland, oryx, zebra and giraffe.

Shutters went crazy. I was on my first proper game drive! Arriving at the water hole we all tip-toed to the edge of the viewing point, mouths open, eyes even wider. Elephants and zebra crowded around the water hole quenching their thirst. It was such a beautiful scene. The flat, dry landscape broken by a bold Acacia tree.

Okaukuejo in Etosha National Park.

We stayed at the water hole for about an hour just watching Africa being Africa. Skittish zebras managing to freak each other out for nothing. One jumps and they all jump. They’re really just as bad as guinea fowl.

A sneaky lone black-backed jackal slinked down to the water’s edge to drink; so camouflaged by the dry browns of the vegetation and soil.

Elephant bulls drank together, pumped with aggression and ready to fight – we even saw one of them throw a hissy-fit, frustrated and ready to kick some ellie-butt. It was all such a picture.

I guess you never forget your first safari game drive…

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