My Africa overlanding trip highlights: Days 26-37

Day 26: Transfer to Zanzibar with a local ferry (Sea Star II) and first day spent on the island. Did the “spice tour” today, a great way to learn about all the local spices, plants and fruits grown in the area.

Tonight we are staying at Karibu Inn, a hotel in the city of Stone Town, well-known for being an ancient center of influence in the slave trade.

Day 27: Relaxing on the beaches of Sunset Bungalows, near Nungwi.

Sea, “Sweat” and Sun! 🙂 Feels fabulous to not do much for once.

Day 28: A whole day of snorkeling off Mnemba Island, a paradise for divers and Jet Setters (people pay up to $1500 per person per night to stay on this exclusive location).

Interesting fish sightings (parrot fish, pilot fish, clown fish…), and a very unusual encounter with a certain “Captain”: Captain Governor to be exact.

Luckily he wasn’t the real captain of the boat otherwise our trip would’ve been highly compromised. He downed beer as if it were water, and kept smoking “Bob Marley” cigarettes (most commonly known as “weed”).

Day 29: Back to Kikipeo Beach in Dar, after wandering about in the streets of Stone Town for last minute shopping and souvenirs. Almost got sick on the ferry: the sea was more agitated than usual. Today is our second last night in Tanzania, after which we will head further south towards Malawi.

Day 30: Early wakeup call this morning (4:00 AM) as we have a lot of ground to cover (over 600 km to reach Iringa). It is planned to pass through Mikumi National Park on our way so hopefully we’ll get to see some exciting game.

Anecdote of the day: Was helping out Rob to bring down his tent but just couldn’t seem to fit it inside the bag. No matter how hard we tried (and how tight we folded the tent), it just didn’t work.

It turned out Mr. Rob had forgotten to remove his mattress from the tent…silly be lol! We’ll just blame the incident on the lack of sleep. Time to wake up Rob!!! 🙂

Day 31: En route for Chitumba in Malawi. This is a first time visit for me so I am looking forward to spending 4 days in the region.

Day 32: On the road to Kande Beach, approximately 250 km away from Chitumba. Tonight we are having both a punch night and a dress up party. Will stop on the way to buy our outfits for the occasion. Should be good fun!

Days 33 and 34: Enjoying time by the lake and relaxing on the comfy hammocks. Highlights of these two days included a roasted pig feast on the second night, and some cliff jumping off Kande Island.

Day 35: Early leave for Chipata in Zambia. Stopped on the way for some shopping in Lilongwe (Malawi’s capital city). Felt nice to be back to civilization and enjoyed a typical fast food restaurant at Nando’s! Tonight we are staying at Mama Rula’s Campsite.

Day 36: Another long drive today as we continue our journey, heading for Lusaka. It is Christmas Eve yet it doesn’t really feel like it here in Africa. In a way I’m glad to be out of all the “Christmas Buzz” this year, but I must admit I miss my family dearly.

We will be staying at Eureka campsite tonight, just outside of the city centre. The site is set on a lovely game farm with typical African animals such as zebra, giraffe, kudu, waterbuck, impala, vervet monkeys, etc. Should be rather pleasant!

PS: Talking about wild animals, some of them came for a visit at the camp…good times!

Day 37: Merry Christmas! 🙂 😉 Had a sublime breakfast this morning (with bacon and eggs) to celebrate the event and are planning to have a proper feast tonight.

The menu is as follows: beef fillet and sausage (with gravy), vegetables (carrots, green beans and broccoli), baked potatoes and fried egg plant. And to top it off, for pudding we are having apple crumble with custard and a scoop of ice cream. Bon appétit!

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I travel with Acacia Africa on this African safari expedition. For more information on this amazing trip, visit the 58-day Ultimate African Overlander.

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