My Africa overlanding trip highlights: Days 51-58

Day 51: Drive to Spitzkoppe, probably the most picturesque location on the trip so far. The area is dominated by weird-looking boulders, cliffs and crevices of all shapes and sizes.

Many specialists believe it is one of the best places for stargazing in the southern hemisphere. It sure felt extra special whilst sleeping under the starlit sky…way better than the so-called “5 star” hotels! 🙂

Day 52: Visit of the Cape Cross Seal Colony and Day 1 in Swakopmund. Cape Cross was first visited in 1486 by a Portuguese sailor by the name of Diego Cão.

It is now home to 80,000-210,000 seals that invade the coastline at the end of each year to breed. A spectacular encounter with some funny-looking yet extremely smelly creatures!

Tonight we are staying at Amanpuri Travellers Lodge, a “place of rest”!

Day 53: Swakopmund Day 2, or “How to jump off a plane in a single lesson”. 🙂 This day will forever stay anchored in my mind.

Imagine this: 10,000 feet above the ground, clear blue skies; all you can see are the endless sand dunes of the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean in a distance.

All of a sudden, you drop like a rock at a drastic speed of over 220 km/h. The first two seconds are known as the “shit feeling”, but then the adrenalin rush kicks in for about 30-35 seconds of pure pleasure free fall. It is now time to deploy the parachute and enjoy the ride.

Unforgettable experience!

Day 54: “Goodbye” Swakopmund and “Hello” Sesriem.

A very interesting encounter with Boesman, a “living encyclopedia” who took us on a walk around the lunatic outskirts of the Namib Naukluft Park. The man explained to us how life has adapted to the tough environment and how rain can potentially “damage” this very fragile ecosystem.

Click here ==> to learn the truth about scorpion stings.

Day 55: Magical sunrise at Dune 45, incredible photographic opportunities around Sossusvlei, and awe-inspiring landscapes of the Fish River Canyon. What a day it’s been!

It all started bright early (4 h 45 min) as we escalated the impressive 120 m “Dune 45” in time for sunrise. Quite demanding physically (especially when you are still half asleep), but so worth it when you get to see the amazing spectacle from above.

After Dune 45 we stopped in the area of Sossusvlei, where sand dunes suddenly shift from dazzling gold to reddish brown. Simply spectacular!

To top it off, we drove to the grandiose Fish River Canyon, approximately 500 m deep and over 160 km long, which makes it the second largest Canyon in the world behind America’s Grand Canyon.

Day 56: The end of the trip is close as we drive towards the isolated but noteworthy Orange River. It was originally planned that we camp on the South African side of the waterway, but due to the recent floodings we ended up having to stay on Namibian ground instead. No canoeing possible as the river is way too agitated.

As a consolation prize however, I upgraded to a very nice chalet overlooking the river. Camping is nice…but after over 50 days of relentlessly putting up a tent, it feels great to sleep in a more spacious and cozy environment for a change.

Day 57: To celebrate the end of the trip in style, how about some wine tasting in a beautiful Wineland Estate of the Western Cape region (Trawal)? Sounds good, huh? 🙂

The Highlander Campsite we stayed at was absolutely exquisite, nestled in a neighborhood surrounded by lush vineyards and mountains.

Day 58: We have finally arrived! After hundreds of hours of driving, over 13,500 km of bumps and dust, and shared experiences that will be treasured forever, the journey has eventually come to an end.

Cape Town is no longer a destination, it is here, standing right beneath our eyes. It reveals its beauty to us, with the unmistakable Table Mountain erected in the background!

Before saying goodbye to the tour and the people that accompanied me on this incredible adventure, one last activity is planned; a visit of Langa, a poor suburb of Cape Town. The visit was an eye-opener, and a brutal reminder of how privileged we are to live the way we do. I cannot be grateful enough for the life that I live!

Thank you for such an amazing trip! 🙂


I traveled with Acacia Africa on this African safari expedition. For more information on this amazing trip, visit the 58-day Ultimate African Overlander.

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  1. Daz3d74 August 13, 2014 at 10:17 pm #

    I leave in a little over week to go on this very trip! Great blog man, really got me excited!

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