Planning an African Vacation

Are you planning a trip to Africa? If this is the case, you need to research several things. Not only do you need to determine how you will get there, but you also need to look into lodging once you arrive.

Make sure you spend some time researching various destinations that you don’t want to miss. This may be a once in a lifetime trip and you want to see as much as possible in a short period of time.

Planning a vacation of this type will quickly have you realizing how much you will spend for this dream trip. One thing you should do when planning your vacation is to look into hostels as they can save you a great deal on lodging. This leaves you extra funds for other things.

When planning your African vacation, before you actually make reservations at hostels or other accommodations, you will need to make plane reservations. This is how most people arrive on the continent.

Major international carriers include American Airlines, KLM, British Airways or Emirates.

NB: Do some research before booking a flight as you want a carrier that is both reliable and safe. Not all companies on the continent can boast of these two things.

If you were to consider a local Airline, some of the safest in Africa comprise Air Botswana, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Royal Air Maroc or South African Airways (most popular).

Once you have your plane reservations in hand, you will need to confirm your lodging. Hostels remain a popular choice as they allow you to see the country at a discount price.

If you are unable/unwilling to stay in lodging of this type, look for hotels and inns that may offer accommodations suitable for your needs. With many to choose from, you are sure to find one you love.

Another important point is to make sure you include a safari. This is one event that you do not want to miss as you will see animals unlike any others in the world found outside of a zoo.

The beaches of Africa should also be visited as they offer some gorgeous vistas and you want to make sure you leave time for at least one visit to Victoria Falls or Mount Kilimanjaro.

With so many things to see and do on this continent, you will be hard pressed to choose just a few. Hit as many of the high points as you can so you have a vacation you’ll remember the rest of your life.

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