Preparing for the next eclipse: 6 products for the best experience

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It’s a rare and beautiful sight to see the sun blotted out by our tiny moon, but it is never more beautiful than witnessing it in Africa. We have had the opportunity to see many lunar and solar events grace our skies and very rarely will there be a cloud to block our view.

The next 60 years will bring many opportunities to see the skies fade to black as the result of another beautiful eclipse. The awe-inspiring sight will grace our skies many times and bring with it gifts of opportunities for locals and travellers alike.

Africa is always a wonderful place to visit but even more so for those who will be travelling to Africa for the experience. Chasing an eclipse may seem a bit extreme to some, however the opportunity is too good to miss for eclipse chasers who have fallen in love with the view.

Often travellers go to great lengths to see solar and lunar events and many are willing to book years in advance to get ahead of the curve and guarantee the view. Clever businesses will know how to cater perfectly to the needs of such travellers by providing deals around the upcoming dates. Make sure not to miss the next opportunity to provide the best experience for you and your customers for the next solar eclipse.

6 Products for the best eclipse experience

1. Eclipse Viewers or Glasses

Eclipse Viewers or Glasses allow for viewers to watch the eclipse without damaging their eyes. Perfect for adults and children alike. It’s best practice to obtain “certified safe” eclipse glasses and viewers as there are some which are not fit for purpose and have damaged viewers eyes and experience or make one following NASA’s guidelines.

2. Binoculars

Binocular sales always go up around the time of the eclipse. Many people want to get a better view of the eclipse as it is happening, being the first to see the edge disappear behind the moon can be a thrill for viewers and the beginning of an exciting experience.

3. Telescopes

Could there be a better viewing experience to watch the eclipse occur, telescopes allow the user to see the eclipse zoomed in and personal. Many users actually attach cameras to their telescopes to record the event in real time and beauty.

4. Solar Shields

Much like eclipse viewers or glasses protect the viewers’ eyes from damage during the eclipse, however unlike the convenience of the glasses and viewers, solar shields are a card shape that the user holds in front of their eyes.

5. Blankets

The sky isn’t the only thing affected by the solar eclipse, the temperature usually drops meaning that viewers should wrap up warm during the event.

6. Cameras

Many will want to record the eclipse experience to watch again and again, the beauty and the sadness of witnessing an eclipse is that the event does not last long, with many only being a few minutes at maximum. It is natural to want to have the experience all over again so cameras tend to go up in popularity around the main event.

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