Raptor and reptile rehabilitation centre – Addo park

Here is a great update from the Born Free Foundation – this month they are out and about at the Addo National Park, seeing how raptors and reptiles are being rehabilitated by this brilliant establishment. – Helen, Community Co-ordinator.

During June the staff took some students on an interesting trip to the Addo National Park and the Addo Raptor and Reptile Rehabilitation Centre. This was a highly educational trip for all involved and for the Born Free Foundation it speaks to the very heart of what they believe in.

Their Raptor team has helped to rehabilitate a number of owls, eagles, kites and many other birds of prey. The reptile rehabilitation section of the centre has a mission to rescue reptiles that people have mistreated (whether by intention or merely not realizing what is needed to look after an exotic pet), as this can be quite a problem.

While they release the indigenous species of snakes, they keep the exotic specimens in comfortable surroundings and they use them to try stop people keeping wild animals and reptiles in their homes.

An amazing time was had by all, and the staff and students enjoyed seeing the reptiles that were housed at the centre! The day ended with a lovely  braai (barbecue) in the picnic area of the Addo National Park – looks yummy.

And in other news and continuing the educational thread – the vets at Shamwari Game Reserve used the very sad affair of a giraffe being struck by lightning to help educate the gap year and adult gap year students in forensic entomology.

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