“Robbed” by an elephant (iPhone story)

Let’s put things back into context, shall we? 🙂 Here’s the situation…

Location? Simba A Campsite, on the edge of Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania).

Time of the Day? It’s almost night time and we are all busy fiddling around with our tents before we run out of light. All of a sudden, Emma runs up to us and says: “Come see guys, there’s an elephant at camp! It is busy drinking from the tank,” she adds. Needless to say that in no time we had deserted the camping area for what turned out to be an “astonishing” spectacle!

Part 1: Thirsty Elephant Checks-In for a Drink!

Love the part where someone says: “It would be funny if he sprayed everyone with water!” 😉

Part 2: “Hey, There’s My Pringles!”

I can hear you coming: “But what about the iPhone story?” This is where things get funny (ok, maybe not for Maureen; no offense).

As you may have seen in the video, the sneaky elephant went through our bags and almost took Mick’s Pringles…

While in the end nothing went missing, Maureen’s bag had been trampled by the pachyderm’s foot. And yes, you guessed it, her iPhone was in the bag.

Does it still work? Yep, but it has a huge crack right in the middle of the screen.

At least now Maureen has an interesting story to tell her friends! I can so picture the scene: “What happened to your iPhone? Not much, it only got trampled by an elephant!” 🙂

Moral of the Story?

Never carry an iPhone on safari… it may end up in unwanted “trunks”! 😉

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