Safari FAQ: What to wear

Dress Code During…

A Game Drive

Question: What type of clothes should I wear on a game drive?

Answer: Early mornings and sunset drives can get chilly (yes, it does get cold in Africa), so be sure to have your jumper ready at all times (especially in open vehicles). A pair of trousers is also appreciable to feel at ease.

Notice that some safari operators do provide blankets, but you cannot always count on them! 😉

A Game Walk

Question: Is clothing any different during a walk?

Answer: Wear neutral colors. Bright colors tend to scare the animals away!

Shorts can be handy especially in the heat of the day. Also wear some good walking shoes or boots. Long socks are something to bear in mind as well as it protects your legs from vegetation and possible ticks.

A Visit to a Muslim Territory

Question: I am off to Tanzania in January and I’m going to visit Zanzibar. I have read that it is a Muslim area and they say to dress conservatively. Are shorts and T-shits still ok? Or do I need long sleeves and trousers?

Answer: I understand your concern, great question. While there is no right and wrong here, notice that locals have their own rules and customs so you should respect that. However, does it mean you have to wear the veil in a Muslim country? Not necessarily (although there are exceptions to the rules…). What would be the point of holidays if you can’t even feel “comfortable” in your own clothes?!

Here’s my advice: If you’re in a tourist area, you needn’t worry too much as long as you stay decently dressed! Shorts and T-shirts are fine (but not “too short” the shorts lol), unless it is specifically stated otherwise!

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