Safari Tips 101


The safari tips guide is unique in so many ways:

1. It provides valuable information from a very broad perspective, and focuses on things such as where to go, what to do, what to bring, etc.

2. It has specific sections dedicated to areas like photography, game walks, voluntourism, gorilla trekking, and so much more! A great tool to use when planning your holidays.

3. It is fantastically illustrated.

4. MOST OF ALL, the document offers tips and info from safari experts: real experts!

Excerpt of what’s in my Free Safari 101 Tips e-Book


1. What are you looking for?

What is it that you are truly looking for? Are you more of an animal freak (just like me) or a bird enthusiast? What would the purpose of your holiday be? To discover what Mother Nature has to offer, to relax around the pool, or to benefit from a magnificent sun downer cruise on Lake Kariba? Perhaps a combination of all of the above would suit you best? Pick your wants, be specific…there are plenty of specialist safaris out there! Once you’re clear on what your desires are, you can then choose the right destination! This is absolutely essential! Indeed, various locations will have different facilities and distinct things to offer! Some will not necessarily be in a rich wildlife area but might have other advantages like a stunning location, exciting activities, walking trails, etc. In other words, do your homework, pick up your bags and jump on a plane! 😉

2. Where to go

Africa is a huge continent with a large array of possibilities destination wise. While it is true that West Africa has quite a few options available, the area I know best is concentrated in Eastern and Southern Africa, and is renowned for its abundant wildlife. It is an extraordinary heaven for outdoors adventure – perhaps THE best on Earth! Here are some of the countries that I definitely recommend if you are in love with the bush…


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