Saving the ancient beats – the Afro-futuristic music of Gato Preto

We still wish we knew Portuguese so we could rap to the hot numbers that Gato Preto deliver over and over again. Their Afro-futuristic sound – a mix of Kuduro, Favela House and African Riddims – pave an interesting path for the future of Kuduro and have quickly won the interest of all fans of the genre.

The eclectic genre fusion that Gato Preto create sets high standards in contemporary music; its creativity and danceability factor is off the charts. Is this the future of Kuduro?

The duo behind this project is made up by rapper Gata Misteriosa (Mozambique/Portugal) and producer Lee Bass (Ghana/Germany) who are not short of witty remarks about what their mission as musicians are – to unite for a world with better grooves. Gato Preto had us at their mission statement.

In their latest song and video for ‘Barulho’ (Engl. noise), they’ve teamed up with a true Brazilian music legend Edu K who’s the lead singer of Defalla, Brazil’s own rock’n’roll gods.

“Barulho” announces their highly anticipated album and European and US tour coming up in 2016.

The music video features a sci-fi narrative, with our magic duo of heroes on a quest to save the ancient beats and an antagonist who wants to control the groove of the whole universe.

It’s lovely when a band that’s so blissfully eclectic is subtle about its political drive. Just like their music, the video also signals a genre blend that’s characterised by a juxtaposition of seemingly unfit elements.

A cyborg, a villain in an iron suit (so suggestive), tribal dancers dressed as your punk-goth neighbours, fortune telling and inevitably; voodoo drumming.

A lot has changed since the emergence of Kuduro in Angola in the 1980s. Gato Preto are now in the driver’s seat, and we say, sure, take us wherever you wanna go, ‘cause’ we sure like the direction of it!

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