Sights and activities around Cape Town

Cape Town wouldn’t be the same without the Table Mountain!

Guest Post by Jesper Harbers.

South Africa is a beautiful country for safari holidays. You have a chance of seeing big game in a truly incredible and unique setting. During your safari tour, you will experience a broad range of landscapes.

For the best experience, start off your journey by flying to Cape Town. You’ll stay in a luxury hotel and have dinner at some of the finest restaurants in the city.

Take some time to enjoy Cape Town’s sights, especially the many colorful gardens in the city. You will be able to start the first leg of your trip early in the morning.

Aquila Game Reserve is just a short distance from the city, and is privately-owned. You’ll be greeted with a drink, and enjoy a game drive. Drives take place in open-air vehicles that allow you to have easy photo opportunities.

Aquila is renowned for its large herds of giraffes, zebras, duikers and ostriches. There are also baboons and lions on the reserve.

Rare Black Eagles are also spotted along the rocky escarpments. You’ll be treated to a picnic lunch, and have the option of a horseback ride. This option gives you a truly unique way to experience the wildlife. Don’t forget to view the rock art created by local Bushmen in ancient times.

The Inverdoorn Game Reserve is another private reserve in the area that also offers comfortable guest chalets. You’ll pass through Bains Kloof Pass and Mitchell’s Pass on your way to the reserve. These passes are truly majestic sights.

You can observe white rhino here, which are quite unique fellows. There are also a large number of antelope species, and you can see big cats, like cheetahs. The area is surrounded by beautiful mountains. This is a fabulous place to gaze at the stars at night.

Your next destination will take you further into South Africa’s wilderness. Kagga Kamma was a one-time home to several groups of Bushmen. You can see evidence of their habitation left behind in the rock paintings found in the area.

Kagga Kamma is located in the Cederberg Mountains, which offer some of the most majestic scenery in South Africa.

Herds of antelope, along with lions and cheetahs, may be seen if you are lucky. The area offers some truly impressive stargazing opportunities at night, due to its distance from any major cities.

The Bushman Lodge offers nice accommodations. You may also stay in the Outcrop Open-Air Camp if you wish.

As you start to return to Cape Town, you may be able to travel through the Klein Karoo. This is a semi-arid area well known for being inhabited by many ostriches. You can stay on the Cango Wildlife Ranch, which offers excellent opportunities to see local animals.

Another sight to discover in this area is the Cango Caves. These caves are known around the world for their unique beauty. You will be amazed by the vast halls and towering formations!

Highlander Campsite in the Cape Winelands!

As you begin to head back to Cape Town, you’ll travel through the Cape Winelands, which are home to several Huguenot towns. Before going to the airport to fly home, take some time to shop for unique souvenirs in Cape Town. Bon voyage!

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