South Africa: top cruises and wine routes

Africa’s diverse wine tourism and distinctive river cruise treasures are best experienced in the southern part of the continent, and visitors who holiday in South Africa will no doubt fall in love with its diverse offerings, stunning panoramas and welcoming atmosphere.

With over 500 exporters, large varieties of beverages, several awards and international recognition, South Africa is a driving force in the wine manufacturing industry.

The country boasts three centuries of wine history and the oldest varieties of soils producing a plethora of red wines throughout Limpopo, Cape Town and Kwazulu-Natal, so if you’re looking for a wine-tasting tour you’ve come to the right place!

South Africa is also known for 2 exceptional brandy routes as well as 18 wine routes, the majority of which lie in the wine capital of the country—the Western Cape. The premium wine routes of Cape Town reflect the progressive wine making tradition of Africa, representing the country’s maturation into a full-bodied, internationally acclaimed and flavorful democratic capital.

Top Wine Routes

There’s no particular season or time to commence the South African wine tours, so it’s really down to your own travel plans. If you visit the vineyards during winter seasons you’ll avoid the large crowds, however if you’re eager to witness harvesting and the initial steps of alcohol production, check out local wineries during summers and autumns.

Vineyards are scenic and most attractive during summers, and harvesting starts in the month of January and continues up until March at wineries such as Adi Badenhorst, Tokara and Chamonix.

Tropical vineyards offer classy flavours and superb value, with bottles starting from £3 or less! Furthermore, if you’re fond of sipping quality liquors against a backdrop of lush green valleys and rolling hills, sitting in a thatched cottage facing the wine country, you can stop by Nabygelegen’s Guest House, Glenwood Cottages, Dimersfontein’s Manor House or Basse Provence.


For the most amazing coastal treasures, why not opt for an African cruise? The finest cruise ships of the country offer a glimpse of the glorious French colonial settings at Nosy Be, Madagascar.

You’ll be able to stroll across the exquisite, unblemished and sun-kissed beaches of Seychelles or cruise along the Indian or Atlantic Ocean shorelines, leading you to wilderness, remote suburbs and exotic cities.

The South African cruise season starts from September and lasts all the way until May, and cruise ships usually offer family and senior packages that typically last between 7 and 24 nights.

Cruise Africa is the leading company that covers the southern tip of African waters, and their 10-day, 2-way round tour departs from and ends in Cape Town. Guests board the Silver Wind Ocean Liner and travel across Mossel Bay, Richard’s Bay, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Mozambique and Maputo, experiencing the best scenery South Africa has to offer.

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